Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's so fun and crazy how much Halloween we have done this weekend, and we still have three more days of Halloween. :) I enjoy seeing my son so excited and so happy, there is no other feeling like it. On Thursday we painted pumpkins and took them to his great-grandma and went to the local pumpkin walk (which inspired us to carve pumpkins tomorrow for family time). On Friday we had a huge, fun and so glad it's over big party my best friend and I do every year. On Saturday we had another huge, crazy fun Halloween party at grandma's house. My son is the cutest superman. He needs his curl and his hair is too short so we draw it in. it's so dang cute. He loved playing with his cousins and friends all weekend. Mommy and daddy just want a little sleep, but this kid can't sleep in for the life of him. No matter what time he goes to bed, he's up at the crack of dawn. "Momma, I want to play a game!!!" Some day I will learn to go to bed earlier so I can keep up with him, in the meantime, I love my caffeine.

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