Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Alice is everything a mother could hope for out of her 3 month old. She sleeps, she eats and she smiles. :)And she has been rolling over since yesterday.  at 2 months she was 10.15oz, (50 %) and 23 inches (70%)
She smiles at everyone but only giggles for a few. She loves to snuggle but not too long. She will take a bottle no problem, but we can't get her to do the binky anymore. (I still try everyday) But she really is so content it's not a problem. She has graduated to her big girl crib and in her own room.
She has put herself on a schedule and really is the sweetest baby!
Her hair is coming in Redder and Redder...but her eyes are yet to be determined. Several say they are blue and several say brown.
I love watching her grow, and I love watching Lincoln and Ruby with her.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My sweet big brother Lincoln

I know I owe you a real update, and all sweet pics of baby Alice.  But I'm too tired for all that. :)
Lincoln started singing this song the first day he held her. He sings it to her anytime she's crying. There are slightly different versions, but they all have the same message. :) 
Ruby's pretty busy too, I didn't know she was out on the tramp in her panties today...I'm a little tired lately. :)

And this is what my family looks like now.... This pic seriously explains everything. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

34 Weeks

Isn't it funny how you go from, "I still have forever!" to "Crap! I'm out of time!"
5 weeks left. We'll have Alice on March 30th.

She needs to behave though. My contractions are pretty constant. They gave me some anti-contraction drugs that seem to not really be helping, but I keep taking them just in case they will start to work. :)  I need to make it to the 27th of March to finish up preschool. I can do it, I can do it! :)

But I've gone into hiding. My preschool moms and my family are pretty much the only people who see me. I had a Dr. appt the other day and I couldn't believe how hard it was to get out.  This is seriously the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The days are so long but the weeks are going by fast. I know there are lots of women who have harder pregnancies, but I'm kind of a wimp and a whiner. And 34 weeks is a really long time to be sick....5 more, then a whole new adventure begins. Wouldn't it be awesome if she dropped down just a little so my ribs could stop burning. :) Oh, but cool thing. When I was at the Dr. the OB said, "Wow! you are ALL BELLY!" Always love it when I impress someone who looks at bellys all day. :) The labor and deliver nurse was pretty surprised too. :)
I'm starting to get excited. I went through some teeny tiny clothes the other day. I love the itty bitty newborn.  and I love my husband's paternity leave. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When I say she kicks, I mean it. :)

Wait for it.....about 30 seconds it starts to get crazy. :)
And don't mind the stretch marks, they are a gift from Lincoln.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

26 Weeks

My babies just stick straight out. I'm enormous, but I know its going to get worse. But it is to the part that I hate. I hate having the hear the same joke over and over, "you sure there is only one in there?" I hate walking through walmart (or anywhere) and having people give me sympathy glances. I hate going to church and having everyone ask when I'm due, and then hearing, "Wow, I thought it was any day."  The ambien is needed now as is the daily tums. 

Ya, I don't love being pregnant. But to long time readers this isn't new news. What is new is that Alice is doing great. We went to the Long Ultra Sound and the tech was amazed that her feet were "actually" in my ribs. I could have told her that. We also wowed the tech by the power of Alice's kicks. She was just dying at how hard they were. It was a good validation day for me. But really doesn't change anything.  But in three months we should have a teeny tiny bundle of joy. :) Well, a bundle that will keep us up at night and beat my body up in other ways. ;)  I hope you are looking forward to next months where I will wow and amaze you even more at the ginormous size of my growing belly. As for now, I'll go enjoy my braxton hicks. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, I hate to make you all jealous, but I just can't believe how lucky I am. :)
Jared and I hit our 9 year mark today. In celebration we went shopping, (didn't find anything) went to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) stayed at a Hotel last night. We slept in, hung out in our jammies and didn't do much of anything. Then today we went to an excellent Mexican restaurant for lunch and then I got an HOUR massage. HEAVEN. The guy had one of the special pregnancy  belly support things so I got to lay on my stomach. (it's been at least two months since I've been able to do that!!!) He was feeling sorry for me and all my knots all over me, but I just loved every second of that hour.  Jared's sister and husband made it all possible. They came to our house, played with our kids and even put up with a sad baby girl who missed her parents. :) (We may or may not have missed them) And just to let you know the kind of man I married, I didn't sleep well in the hotel last night.  (I forgot my sleeping pills) He took the kids swimming tonight while I was ordered to take a nap.....I love that man!!
We like to celebrate. If its your birthday you get a party, food and presents. If its an anniversary you at least get food. We try and go out of town at least every other year. Its so rejuvenating. I love my husband more, I love my children more and I even love myself more.  I know weird. :) It's hard to have an anniversary over christmas, but it is also good because it's easier to find help. We used coupons for everything, and gift cards. I'm very grateful that I have a husband that when I tell him I don't want to do anything, he just takes care of it. I really am amazed at how amazing he is. So grateful.

As for christmas....we'll see if I get around to posting it....and I know I'm behind on my monthly belly shot...Just imagine last months belly DOUBLED! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Pretty cute eh?  Check her brother at the same age and same song HERE


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ruby's 3

(Sorry I am late)
Ruby Ann is 3. Ruby Ann is crazy, & Ruby Ann makes her mother crazy!

She is the busiest, wiggliest, climbingyist little 3 year old I have met (and I have met a lot, I teach them!). Ruby usually has a fat lip of some kind because she is always climbing and jumping off of things. Just the other day she slipped and landed flat on her face. The blood doesn't even faze us anymore. It usually happens seconds after we ask her to, "get down so you don't get hurt".

Ruby's favorite color is blue, but on her birthday she decided she would change it to red. :) She forgets and asks for blue things though, then laughs and says, "oh wait, I need the red one, I forgot my favorite color is red now because I am three". :) Ruby is not the best eater but she loves love, loves her breakfast. She usually wakes me up at 6:30 most mornings with, "Mom, I need breakfast!" She'll repeat this over and over and over until I talk her into snuggling for a few minutes (but it usually doesn't work).  Ruby can eat a bowl of cereal, a bowl of oatmeal, toast and a yogurt for breakfast (and anything Lincoln leaves over).  But as for lunch, it is peanut-butter and honey or ... peanut-butter and honey.  Dinner? Maybe one bite if we bribe her, but she usually makes up for it with her breakfast. :)

Ruby and Lincoln play really well together, she is excited when he leaves and excited when he gets home. They of course fight some, but mostly they play and work really well together.

Ruby is excited for baby "Alice" to come. She kisses my belly and when/if she wants to share a treat she'll give me a big bite and then a tiny bite for baby Alice. It's pretty dang cute.

Ruby is very much into dressing herself and picking out her own clothes. Sometimes I can persuade her into switching but most the time, "no thank you". Lucky for me she likes things to match and does pretty good that way.

We got her ears pierced for her birthday, she did really well. She was really excited and didn't cry very long at all. The cleaning them 3 times a day is not her favorite thing, but she will twist them anytime we ask her to so that is a plus. I absolutely LOVE them, I love them with her short hair. So cute!

Ruby loves her nursery teacher and gives them kisses and hugs. The teacher pulled me aside one day and asked if it's ok if she kisses Ruby on the lips. She was concerned and said she always tries to get Ruby to kiss her on the cheek but Ruby's not having it and will grab her face and plant them on her lips or say, "No the Lips, Lips!!"  I told her it was ok. :)

Ruby is pretty dang smart, too smart if you ask me. She knows all her letters and sounds, colors and shapes. She's pretty good with her numbers and she is WAY too observant when it comes to adult conversations. She catches things Lincoln never does. (not that Lincoln is known for his observance)

Ruby is also very stubborn, she is in a wonderful whine, cry, fall on the ground and have a screaming fit stage. :) We had to take her out of sacrament 4 times today (twice during the stake pres. talk, awesome!). I know it's the age and it's okay, and it's nice that we've been through it once already. Her little life is much easier than her brother's was at this age (although her brother didn't have to share anything with anyone).  It will be very interesting to see how she adjusts to having a baby sister.

As for her stats, we took her in and she isn't as tall on the charts anymore (75th  percentile) and her weight was a nice healthy 65th percentile (32 pounds). The doctor said her tonsils are really big for a healthy girl and one more strep episode and they are coming out.

Ruby is just like her daddy, bosses everyone around and wants to be in charge. At preschool I'll catch her telling the kids what to do and where to go. She wants to tell me what to wear and how to do my hair. She wants to tell you the story to tell her, how to tell it, and who is in it and so on. Super hard for someone like me who is so passive and easy going. ;)

 I love my Ruby Ann. I love, love, love her. I love how when she's teasing she calls me "momma girl" or how she'll smack my bum (anywhere, anytime) and yell, "Tag you're it!". I love how she is "too busy" for anything. Jared and I have decided she means "too lazy". I love how she loves to draw, how she loves to make her own decisions (drinks with no ice, only forks with mac and cheese, and only spoons with ramen noodle soup). How she wakes up every morning with her pants off, even though she goes to sleep with them on. I love how if I make it a competition she'll do it, although reverse psychology doesn't work like it did with Lincoln. I love this little soul I get to raise. I know she is going to be an amazing woman and I just get to guide her on her way (not that she listens to me much anyway). I love her and am so grateful we have her.

Half Way

You don't think I carry high do you? ;)
My body itches, every inch!!! I've gained more with
this pregnancy than with the others.
I'm not dying anymore. And I'm actually doing pretty good.
Stairs are my nemisis, I can't breathe at all when I do stairs
and it hurts!!! But I've been walking at nights and feeling so
much better!!! Half way baby!
(I know I need to do Ruby's birthday post, I'm working on it)
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 Our beautiful Cinderella and our very serious Obi-wan Kenobi

Our Fun decorations. Jared and Lincoln came up with the corn stalks idea last minute. They were awesome.

Jared ran the trick or treating, Lincoln lasted a little over a half an hour. Ruby went for over an hour. She loved every minute of it. I ran a very busy door. We ran out of candy at 8:00!! I had 500 pieces! I didn't even get to sit down really. It was crazy.  My sister let me have her shirt she used when she was pregnant, This shirt was a HIT!!!! Thanks Shell.
and what would you give for these lashes?!?!?! As I put the mascara on I had to clean her eyebrows off because they kept smudging on them. I decided she can't wear make up again til she's 12.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lincoln's Halloween Program

I know bragging is bad, but my little man was the kid picked to introduce his Halloween program (and the only one with his own speaking part). :) He had to memorize 8 long spanish lines. (as did his mother). And He did it. Good Job Lincoln!!!!! He's amazing with his spanish, they love his accent. He is always so annoyed with me when I try to help with homework because if I say it "NOT EVEN CLOSE MOM!" :)
He was the first part and I missed a little bit, and you have to turn it up. He was so nervous though, he finally loosened up for the very last line. :) My favorite word I learned: murciĆ©lago = bat  :)

And of course it was red ribbon week and HAT day. So all the kids have awesome hair, but at least the teachers wouldn't let them wear their hats for the program. :) 

It was adorable though, he has amazing teachers. Only sad part is Jared got stuck at work and missed his part by two minutes. :(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

16 weeks

16 weeks
I know it's kinda weird I take pregnancy photos on my third child, but pregnancy really does amaze me.
It's amazing to watch the body change. Where the heck do all the organs go? How does everything fit? It's amazing. And I like to look at other peoples pictures. And my sister lives in Michigan and she likes the pictures too. :)
So there is my justification for putting fat picture of me on here. :)   And on that note, don't you think I am HUGE for 16 weeks. seriously!
As for me, I'm starting to come out of the fog I've been in. Slowly but surely. I hope I will have at least one or two months of functioning before it gets bad like it usually does. Pregnancy is not for wimps. Either that or I'm just a wimp, ya that could be it.
We tried to find out what we were having last time but the cord was in the way. So the next appt. is wed. We should know then. It'll be the latest we've ever found out. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

So Random

Jared had a birthday. :) He received his once a year cherry chocolate black forest cake.
 I am still dying. (As you can tell by my beauty in this photo). This pic is 2 weeks old. I need to take another one. Maybe when I feel like it. :) I've run into a small hic-cup with the pregnancy. I've had some complications and am on "couch rest" for a week. I need to let my body heal. I can't do much and can't pick anything up over 20 pounds. (Yes Miss Ruby is a healthy 32 pounds) I have neighbors and family helping out, so that is awesome. I even had to cancel preschool, which makes me very sad. But if I can make it one good week than I can be all the stronger to make it the rest of the way.
As a sick and tired pregnant person my patience is pretty thin. And I have absolutely none left for my dog. Who has decided the trampoline is the coolest thing in the world. Good for her, because I'm not letting her annoying little self in my house. ;) 

Ruby and Lincoln are getting more creative while their mother lays around and does nothing.  
They are playing together better and Lincoln even gets Ruby food without being told. Poor thing is growing
up way too fast. :) 

As for Jared, he's amazing as usual. But he really has kicked it in high gear for this pregnancy. It's almost embarrassing for him and me to tell you how he is cleaning, parenting and cooking. And he's still being nice to me. I don't think I could take care of someone that long and that much and still be nice. He is amazing and I am so grateful and happy I have him. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ruby started Preschool

Ruby started Preschool the day after Labor Day. She has an excellent teacher that just loves her like her own. :)
She is pretty dang smart and is doing excellent.
I don't know when all the wrinkles showed up, I look so old!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what may come...

I came across this photo the other day. 
Scared the crap out of me. I forget how big I get. Seriously, this third time around I feel so in denial. 
I've been so sick, nauseous and stomach problems and no energy. I'm trying to just stay a float. My stomach is starting to poke out, and I'm in total denial. My sister michelle keeps saying, 
The story: the story is so simple it's crazy, and I think part of the reason why I'm in denial. Most of you know it takes us a long time to get pregnant. Lincoln took almost a year and Ruby took a year and a half. 
Baby number three: first try. Really? Really!  We are in shock. I do believe you appreciate a plus sign so much more when you have seen a negative so many times. It's so odd to see a plus sign the very first time. When we went to the Dr. he told us he thinks the biggest reason why we were able to get pregnant so fast: weight loss. I'm 40lbs lighter and jared's 35lb! I doubt it's the only reason but I believe it's part of it. But because of my weight loss it's been really hard to see the scale move up (just a little) but even harder to have my clothes get tight and have nothing to wear.  And hard to not feel the pull of dieting, but I am eating whatever doesn't make me sick. Currently spaghetti and pot pies. :) Awesome I know. 
I love having a 7 year old. Lincoln kept our secret for almost 6 weeks! He was worried his mom was going to die that we had to tell him. But he wasn't allowed to tell anyone. He may have dropped a couple hints but he did great! He loves learning about the baby growing inside and wants a baby brother soooooo bad. I really think he might be angry if it's not a boy. He wants to share a room so bad. :) 
We should find out what we are having on the 5th. I am leaning towards boy just because the nausea isn't quite as bad as it was with lincoln, but time will tell. 
Perks about being pregnant:eat whatever the H*** I want. not that it is much or that it doesn't make me sick. But I did buy candy corn for the first time in two years. (seriously). 
Saddest part: My beloved coke tastes like sh**!!! I feel like screaming "someone has poised the water hole!" It has a nasty salty taste. As does any soda. I had major caffeine withdrawal for the first few weeks. But I'm saving about $20 a month. :) 
Another perk about being pregnant. A sweet baby is on the way. I keep forgetting this, but when I came across the horrific picture above I also found this sweet video:
gets me a little excited. Although I really have a hard time imaging a baby inside me when I am so sick. Because it's super hard to have pleasant nice thoughts when I feel as if I am dying. But those thoughts will come in about a month. 
Well, now I am just rambling and have given way too much information.