Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some Videos for Andrew and Lindy

When Andrew and Lindy were here they expressed a great desire to add new videos to Lincoln's blog. Here ya go.
First is Lincoln dancing and singing to Mighty Mega Monster Trucks, by hard hat harry.

Next Lincoln's been trying to figure out the whole joke thing. He wants to tell jokes all day long. His jokes usually have something to do with whatever is within sight. I love how he cracks himself up though.

More jokes. Hope you can understand him. The first one is a take off of "Never fear Under Dog is here" But Lincoln says Underwear. Next are a lot of bad knock knock jokes, sorry I didn't realize I needed to be funny too. The last one he says the chicken get across the road. He thinks he's so funny.

I love the age he is at. So inquisitive, trying to figure everything out. But he just doesn't stop talking. :) Trying my patience that kid. But he is so very cute.


Cindy said...

Bethany loved the segment of Lincoln's jokes. She's about on the same level in her joketelling skills. She gets so happy when she makes us laugh.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I think that Lincoln is Hilarious! Keep up the good work Lincoln