Thursday, February 28, 2008

excitement at the Hall house

the hat is his helmet

video video
His first attempt we talked him into rocking/scooting off the edge. Jared tried to show the proper technique. But by the end Lincoln was a pro.


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

Oh my goodness that is hillarious!! Did you take a turn? Lincoln looked like he was having so much fun. Now you need to pull out the silky sleeping bags.

Anna said...

I did take a turn. And I screamed a little. But it was fun. We didn't video me on purpose. :)

Jared said...

Fun stuff, we need to try the steps off the deck...much longer ;).

Le said...

Lindy noticed that Jared was too big and laughed so hard at him. Way fun!! My kids personal favorite is the white board that we are supposed to use for FHE but fits perfectly on our stairs.

Cindy said...

The dare devil Halls! Evil Knievel watch out!