Monday, February 11, 2008

Mice.....honestly I hate to even type the word

I have come very far just to let you all know. I saw a mouse run across my kitchen yesterday, yes I yelped, but no explicitives came out and I did not jump on furniture. And all of you that can't possible understand why mice creep me out and why I'm such a big whip just get over it, I am. In the past I would just pack up and leave until someone took care of the mouse, but I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I need to learn to be brave.
Anyway, I tried to stay calm, saying to myself "it can't hurt me, it can't hurt me" over and over. Then my son came in, "Mom, why did you scream?"
"Oh, just because I..ah..almost burned myself making dinner. But Mommy's okay now."
Sweat is beginning to bead on my forehead. My mind is shouting, "Get out of the house, run, run run" Lincoln starts walking around unaware of the danger and freaking me out more. I talk him into leaving and watching TV or something, telling myself, "I hope there are no mice in my bedroom" also thinking, "I think that one was huge, it looked huge. Why is it in my kitchen, where has it been, we need to run, get out of the house, run!"
I told you it was a serious phobia.
Anyway, I'm chanting calming thoughts trying to get the mice devil out of my head. Finally call my parents (Jared works Sundays) and invite them to dinner, act like everything is fine. Then I casually say to my mom, "And just so you know I just saw a m-o-u-s-e in my kitchen and the faster you get here with traps the better." My mother knowing of my phobia whispers back "ok, we're coming." I continue to finish dinner and trying not to freak out, thinking the mouse is going to come out any second it took me twice as long to make dinner.
My beautiful father set six traps for me, all around my house. And my parents didn't make fun, or joke about my silly phobia. Although I can see it in their eyes as in everyone else's when I mention I hate mice..."that's so weird that you are afraid of mice." Get over it people, I'm a baby alright!!!!
Anyway, within an hour of my parents leaving Lincoln and I heard the heaven sent sound "SNAP" Hallelujah !!!! He was excited to investigate, "Lets go find the dead rat mom!" He calls them rats even though I tell him they are not. So with my brave 3 year old leading the way we investigated. Sure enough dead mouse. Always smaller than I think they were. Although I only look at it from across the room.
I almost got the guts to take it to the garbage, but couldn't do it. Jared disposed of the mouse when he got home at 3:30am. I just didn't go in the kitchen the rest of the night.
Why do I share, I can't sleep because I think there are more in my house. I really hate mice.


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

EEWWWW!!! I can't even be in a room if I see a spider. So I am there with you.

Cindy said...

Don't feel bad Anna. If I see a mouse, I could easily see myself screaming or jumping on a chair. And I would not be wise and controlled enough to shelter my girls from this phobia, like you did with Lincoln.

We suddenly had mice in our house a couple years ago, when we got our new fast internet put in, because the smarties left a hole in our house outside for them to get in!

I'd leave the traps up for a few days!

Le said...

I have to say I remember when your phobia started, it was after Lincoln was born. Before that you were the brave on on the street that would come and set a trap on my front porch for me because I HATE mice too. When you guys first moved in to the house in clearfield, you had lots of mice and you were very brave. It's amazing what happens when you have someone to protect.

Anna said...

i know. this child has made me into the biggest wimp. I never used to cry, wasn't afraid of anything, and wouldn't think twice about four wheeling, cliff diving and even flying. Now I worry about everything, cry over anything, and don't dare try anything. That's it in a nutshell. Those without kids, know now, when they come you will become a big crying wimp. :)

Jules said...

Lots of people are afraid of mice, dear cousin. You have nothing to be ashamed of. a side note...I like knowing about the soft side of you that cries...and I know it was there BEFORE you were a mom. So there. Or something. you remember when i stayed at your house and we danced to the muppets songs "it's time to play the's time to light the lights..." for some reason I remembered that the other day...made me laugh.

Anna said...

i totally remember the muppet record!! It was the coolest thing at the blair household. That's hilarious you remember it.