Monday, March 10, 2008

Day in the life of Anna Hall

This was a fun idea. I just took the camera with me all day.

Lincoln too tired to get dressed for school.

Dropped Lincoln off at school.

Hit the gym.

Picking Lincoln up from school.

Watching the baby cows, 26 baby cows last count.
Mowing the lawn, only the front.
Lunch in front of computer, bad I know.
Walmart, groceries.
Time out.

Enchiladas and asparagus. Way to spicy though. Dinner with Lincoln, you will notice how close his chair has to be to mine.

Lincoln and I, just showing you my beautiful no make up look. :)
LibraryTime out again.

Getting ready for bed.
Finally asleep. Meesha keeps him safe.
Clean up and laundry.
Now I'm off to read or watch TV, I haven't quite decided.
I'm tagging Michelle, Amy, Cindy, LeAnne, Julie, Ginny, Suzanne, Anne, Misty and Eve. All the blogs I stalk. We'll see who's up to the challenge. I would love to see all your lives. It wasn't as hard as I thought, just kept my camera close by.


Jared said...

Very fun, one can see very quickly that I wasn't home much today :(. Thanks for sharing your day Anna. See you tomorrow.

Anna said...

I forgot to mention that Jared had early meetings today, so we only got him awake for about an hour. But he did go running, and did a 5K in 30 min. Ya, he started running last week. :)

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

Tag accepted. But I have to warn you my life has gotten pretty boring.

Le said...

Very cute idea. I have to work today so I will do tomorrow which will be much more typical. Love the videos, we've watched them 3 times already.

Misty and The Choatester said...

I accept the challenge, but I'm going to wait for next week when life gets back to normal. Its SPRING BREAK this week, so I've been pretty lazy...tehe.

I loved that you mentioned Lincoln in timeout. That made me laugh. I used to go to Lady Fitness, its a great place, but it was cheaper for both of us to go to the aquatic center.

Eve said...

I worked on this today - now for the write-up. Just uploading all the pictures took forever!

Ginny said...

We have posted our day... it was a very busy day. definetely not the norm for us. Usually we struggle to find things to keep us entertained.

Mom B said...

Hey Cutie - your blog is so funny - (I'm not surprised!) I loved your "Day in the Life" pictures. You and Lincoln need to come and see me!
P.S. Nice blue couch...................