Monday, March 24, 2008

Lincoln's Quotes

Lincoln gave his first talk in primary on Sunday, so we made him wear his dreaded tie. We told him that lots of people wear ties, even the prophet. Well, that convinced him. He got his tie on and came in and declared, "I'm the prophet." and then proceeded to tell everyone at church that he was indeed the prophet.

"Mom, I drank too much water and now I have a baby in my belly. See feel it." (we've been feeling aunt shelly's belly)

Lincoln was crying and having a tantrum because his mean mom wouldn't let him watch TV. I told him to stop crying. He said, "You have to make me stop." How?"
"You have to write me a happy surprise and send it in the mail and then I will be happy again."
(I actually did write him a quick note and slipped it under his door. He couldn't have been happier the rest of the night.)

"I used to live in Jesus' town, and I didn't live with you guys. Then I came and lived in your town and said mama and dada, because I was a baby"

"when your kid says no, you don't call him a baby, deal?"

We're at the food court in the mall, I was explaining all his choices, McDonald's, tacos, chicken.... he says, "Mom, I'm just thinking Arby's"

"I'm a kid of Jesus Christ.....and a PBS kid"


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I love the picture!! He is such a cute boy with such cute words.

Anna said...

He honestly falls asleep like that almost every night.