Thursday, April 3, 2008

7 things most people don't know about me.....tagged by Misty

Here I go.

1. My vision is so bad I can't read the clock at night. Every eye exam it gets worse. I've had contacts since 10th grade and I hate to wear my glasses. Most people have never seen me in them. I dream of Lasik day.

2. I love to analyze everything. Conversations, budgets, people. I can make anything into an excel spreadsheet, pivot tables are my favorite. Jared is always telling me, "You don't have to analyze it Anna, it's just the way it is."

3. I lived in Rexburg Idaho for three months. Longest three months of my life. I lived with seven other girls in a three bedroom one bathroom house. It was the most judgmental place I had ever been. :) But I'm sure its great now. I'm the sexy thing in the Popeye shirt.

4. I've always been fascinated with civil rights. For my 30th birthday I would love to go on a civil rights tour. I read most of Uncle Tom's Cabin when I was in fifth grade. I've read the black pioneer books. And the only 100% I've ever gotten was on my civil rights test in 11th grade. I was very disappointed with Weber State that they didn't offer a Black History class. Very disappointed.

5. I'm a feminist. I pick out lots of chauvinistic things others miss. Like the Verizon commercial where the dad is giving everyone in the family a phone and telling them they are his number one fan. If you look close they have the mom looking like the biggest idiot out of all of them.
Also the word "Chic" makes me so crazy. I usually don't say anything when people use it, but it is probably more offensive to me than most swear words. Only two or three words are worse.
I can go off on a soapbox on this one. There are so many examples of how far women still have to go. Really ticks me off. But I am very lucky to have a very non-chauvinistic husband. But I wouldn't have married him otherwise. ;) Now if I could just burn my bra.....

6. I'm a democrat. My husband isn't, we usually cancel out each others votes. But I still vote, as does he. :) I don't like talking politics though, so lets not discuss it. :)

7. I've hiked to the top of Kings Peak. The highest peak in Utah. I didn't know what I was getting myself into and have no desire to ever do it again.

As for my tags I would love to see my aunt Marilyn give us 7 things about her we don't know. And Maria, this is a great opportunity to start a blog so I challenge you. :) :) :) we'll see. And I'll remind LeAnne and Cindy that Misty tagged you too. See I'm so nice. :O :)


Cindy said...

Thanks Anna. I love reading everyone else's "7 things" posts, however, I can never think of anything interesting that people don't already know about me. I'm an open book.

So I know the rule about not talking politics, but I have one thing to say about Obama. But I won't do it on your blog. :)

Also, you looked great in your glasses picture!

Anna said...

Thanks. that picture is from Jared's cell phone. :) He likes me in glasses. :) I knew my Obama picture would cause an uproar. But that's ok. And I am sure there are seven things people don't know about you. You just think we know you. ;)

Sharon Blair said...

I love your picture with the glasses, You have always been such a pretty girl. I think I knew all of your seven things, I love them all.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

Good job Anna!! I wish I looked that good in glasses.

red said...

I knew all seven :) You look cute in your glasses I forgot that you have them :) You were always so much more adventurous than me. I guess that's why you're my big sister because you try stuff and then I want to be just like you. You got to have way more fun than I did! I totally support you on the Obama and bra burning stuff now if they could just come up with a way to have them look great, not sag, and not bounce around while we're jogging that's not a bra that would be awesome :)

Collin Shaw said...

You know I used to be a republican, but after seeing so much crap from this administration I have decided to that if Obama is up for president he has my vote. Health Care is a big reason for that. Plus I think that McCain will drag out Iraq way to long. I am totally with you Anna.

Anna said...

thanks Collin. Now if only we could get Jared to see this way..... :)

Maria said...

Still don't think the blog-o-sphere is quite ready for me yet...I'm refining my entry. I'll eventually get there...but thanks for the tag!!