Sunday, April 27, 2008

Father and son time

Jared and Lincoln had lots of Father and Son time this week. (Mom is always happy to comply). Thursday night Lincoln got to go to the Jazz game. His first. He took a very late nap and they headed out. They got free T-shirts and he even got a squishy ball. He will tell you all about it if you listen, and he remembers who won. :) But if you ask him what his favorite part was he will say the magic show at half time. He is very anxious to see Uncle David, in hopes of some magic up close. :)

Then on Saturday they went to ride the frontrunner. (New commuter train). He was so excited, it was all he could talk about all day. Jared said he got bored though after about five minutes on the train. :) I think we'll be using the train lots though. At least Jared will, his work will buy him a pass.

Next, Lincoln found out Mommy has a baby in her belly. I was complaining to Jared that my belly has popped out (freakishly early) and was showing him and Lincoln said, "Mom, do you have a baby in your belly?" Big smile on his face. I smiled and said maybe, he got so excited. "I think you do mom!" So we talked about it and told him everything. He said he wanted a brother, but we told him it might be a girl. So now he's decided it is a sister. He is very very sweet. Hugging and kissing my belly, being very gentle with my belly. He even asked if he could cuddle with me and the baby today... :) very very cute. Plus he made an announcement in primary, so now the whole ward knows.

But the fact that my belly is so big is not cute. :( I read an article today that said depending on how much fat you have to be displaced will determine how early you show. Guess I had just the right amount of fat to show at 12 weeks.... Honestly.


Dave said...

That is so cute you finally got to tell Lincoln. He will be a great big brother. (You'll make sure of that!) :)
Dave was jealous of the Jazz game! We got to go last Spring. It was fun and I'm not even a big fan.

Take advantage of the extra love! I got treated like a queen (by Lyss especially) when she knew I was carrying a precious baby in my belly.
P.S. Don't worry so much. You look great! Even when you're nauseous.

Cindy said...

Sorry that was me...not Dave.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

Lincoln will make a great big brother. Collin was also jealous about the jazz game.

Your belly is cute don't worry, It will look even cuter when it's in all of my maternity clothes.

grandma blair said...

You are so cute Anna, And Lincoln is even more adorable. I am excited that he finally knows.
I will have to ask him about the Jazz game.

Le said...

At least people at church won't whisper behind your back wondering.
Lincoln will be so cute as a big brother.

Ginny said...

I hear ya, I was very concerned when I started showing at 8 weeks due to fat displacement... (at first I thought it could be twins... yes it was that bad.), but I have seemed to maintain since then... so I promise there is hope! (I think it's fear of being yelled at by Jed!).

Hope you start to feel better... nothing worse than being sick the entire time.

I'm glad Lincoln is excited. Elizabeth would still rather have a baby sister, but at least she is starting to say baby brother...

I'll post a belly picture as soon as I get brave :|

Max said...

Don't worry. You have several months to go before you catch me. I started showing when I was 35 and am still showing.

Daniel said...

I just like to pretend like I'm showing because my baby is especially big or because the baby needs more room and not because the the ten pounds I gained before I got pregnant is being shoved up into my chest :)

Let me know if you want to go shopping. Maternity clothes shopping isn't nearly as fun as normal clothes because no matter what I still look fat. Oh well pretty soon I'll just look pregnant and it will be okay. Besides everything moved out of the way for the first one and I think it just falls right back where it's supposed to go the second time like after the first week :)

you look great btw!


Mom B said...

Max, when are you due??

Mom B said...

Janay - I heard you are having a girl too! I'm so happy for you!! Hope you are feeling better soon!