Monday, April 21, 2008

My very strange son

***Warning, Gross story****
So Lincoln and I actually got out today. I even tried the gym (walking very very slow on the treadmill). But just as we are getting there I look back at Lincoln and he's doing a big ol' farmer blow. I ask him what he is doing, and tell him he needs a tissue.
"I just trying to get my gum mom."
I think to myself, when did he have gum? Oh, over an hour or so ago before we even ate dinner. So I don't really think anything of it and hand him a tissue. Then He tells me again,
"My gum is in my nose mom. "
I think maybe he put a little piece of it in there, or maybe he found some gum in the car. So I have him lay on my lap and I look deep into his nose.
"Nope no gum"
"But mom, my gum is in there."
So I get another tissue and tell him to blow really hard.....Yep, you guessed it...Big blob of purple bubble gum that has to be at least two hours in the nose pops out. I was shocked, and laughed a little. Tried to tell him how bad it is to stick gum up your nose, and why he would do something like this I have no idea. I don't think he believed me it was bad, so I'm sure it'll happen again, I just hope we don't end up at the Dr.'s to get it removed.
Honestly that child. Lucky for him I love his guts. The picture is the actual kind that was stuck. Funny huh.


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

That is so funny. What a cute little boy. Remember when I stuck the bead up my nose and had to have it removed by the doctor. I think kids just like to stick things up their noses. Luckily you got it out on your own.

Amy said...

Funny, yes! But definitely gross. Hopefully you really don't end up in the Dr.'s office next time. Good luck!

Cindy said...

On the gross scale, not that high. I've seen worse. I don't think any of my kids have tried the nose thing yet.
It's funny he stayed calm and just asked you for a tissue, cuz it was probably starting to bug him just a little to have a giant gob of gum up his nose!!! I'm glad he's just fine. :)

Le said...

Lindy loves gum so I am just glad this happened to Lincoln and not her, yet. I am just impressed that with all of the things your son does he hasn't ended up at the doctor more often.

Kristine said...

oh the talents he will be able to share with his sibling!! :)

grandma blair said...

Everytime I read about Lincoln I have to laugh. Most of the time I am at work and start laughing really hard.
He is so cute, I love his guts too.

Jules said... time you see Lindsay ask her how many times she had to go to the Dr. for the removal of foreign objects from her nose. Not to mention the NUMEROUS times I came home to find her laid out on the kitchen counter with mom and dad holding flashlight and pliers looking for the fruit snack she thought went in her nose. Maybe it runs in the family?

Anna said...

that's hilarious. I'll have to talk to Linds about that. Way funny.

Mom B said...

The memories came flooding back... fruit snacks and tic tacs and emergency room visits! It is a LOT funnier when it's not your child. I knew someone whose child put a bean up his nose and didn't know unti it started to sprout out his nostrils! No Kidding!

Ginny said...

ohhhh the fun things I have to look forward to in a boy!!!!!! I'll be calling for help!!!!!

Regina said...

I've always have gum, but It's safe to say that I will be checking purple gum off my list! It will be right next to watermellon. YUCK!