Sunday, April 13, 2008

OK ladies, I'm ready for help

Nothing is working. I've tried the B6 vitamins, the sleeping pills, the prescription drugs, the peggie pops, Ginger tea, Cookies, chips, cucumbers, peanut butter, eggs....Nothing is helping this non stop bloated, achy, nausea, not -going-to-make-it-to-tomorrow feeling. Do I really just have to put up with it or is there help?
Just hoping someone has an answer for me.


Max said...

Have you tried sipping regualar Coke with lots of ice? If caffeine is bad for baby, then use caffeine free Coke, but not diet.(However, caffeine is a diuretic,at least it is for me.)That plus whatever analgesic you can take in your condition.

All this said, I have never been pregnant. But what do I know about having babies, other than telling Heavenly Father who I think really deserves another one.


red said...


Try popsicles. i buy the $2 popsicles from Wal-Mart the Meadow gold crappy ones. The cold helps to keep the barf down and keeps me from barfing until I can eat something else. Eat Cheese. Whenever I feel a little hungry I eat a piece of cheese before I get so hungry that I barf. I also just eat NON STOP all day long. Otherwise I barf my guts out. Also you can try smelling a lemon. I know this sounds retarded but it works. I usually have to eat super dooper cold stuff to keep from barfing. anything too warm just makes me sick. (except when I'm craving cream of chicken soup. I hope that didn't make you barf thinking about cream of chicken soup.) Good luck. Freezing cold ice water (sip it.) works too and those super small round ice chips like they have at the hospital helped me not barf after I had surgery and was completely nauseaous 24/7. Do you feel better after you barf? I'm so sorry you're sick. I'll keep researching.

Did you get some phenagrin?


Max said...

I realize I'm not a lady, but...I just thought of something else. Sometimes nausea from air sickness can be helped by pressing on the inside of the wrists in the middle where the tendons are. Also, sometimes for headache there is some sort of a pressure point above your eyes underneath the eyebrows. Supposedly, if you push on the with your thumbs til it's uncomfortable for a few seconds. Sometimes it works for me, but not always. Sounds dumb, but if nothing else is working, it can't hurt.

Sharon Blair said...

I am so sorry that you are sick. Some of the things that helped me the most was just laying still and not moving. If I moved I would get sick. I know that you are not throwing up and that you probably wish that you could. I also found that if I just took little tiny bites of soda cracker and just kept a coke or a pepsi on had to sip it helped a lot. My heart really goes out to you, I was so sick with both Janay and Michelle I thought I would die, there were times when I wish that I would die. Just know that it will eventually go away and you will get something so wonderful from all of your suffering. I love you so much and I am so sorry.

Cindy said...

Anna, I'm sorry you are so sick right now. I really hope it passes soon. I found this website....

Two other ideas I saw were Sea Bands, a bracelet you wear on your wrists to put constant light pressure (like your dad mentioned). I think they have them at pharmacies. Also, they mentioned a prenatal massage could help.

Anyway, I hope someone's ideas help. But just feel lucky you have so many people that care about you!

Le said...

Sorry Anna, my secret is Phenergan, Zofran and not eating at all. No mystery why I lose weight when I'm pregnant.
After I had my gallbladder out Cold sprite and Zesta saltines (yes they had to be zesta) helped.
I hope you find something that works for you.

Yosts said...

When Christan was pregnant she had to suck on sour lemon things like lemon drops or lemon Jolly Ranchers. The Jolly Ranchers worked the best for her, but they were a tough find.
If you wanted to try out the massage I might know of someone who can help.

Mom B said...

Anna, I'm so sorry you feel so crappy! For my first 3, I had Bendectin, which helped immensely, and then I used a different one that just made me go to sleep so I didn't feel anything. Eating little bits often helped, and so did 2 months passing by. I'm so sorry I'm not more help. Would it help if we went out to lunch because if it would, I'll take you. Janay, LeAnne, anyone pg, or not is welcome to come.

P.S. Your daddy is a teddy bear... loved your parents comments!

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

coke and crackers helped me :) but nothing got rid of the car sick feeling. If it makes you feel better I've already forgotten being sick. It could be the little girl in my arms or the lack of sleep. Either way it will be worth it. Oh and throwing up helped me ALOT. good luck!

PS you found a better pic than I used when I was sick.

Ginny said...

So sorry to hear nothing is working, hang in there, and let me know if I can help.

Anna said...

wow, you guys are great. I didn't check my computer yesterday. Thanks for all the advice I will get to it. My favorite is the Popsicles. I'm going to go get some today. :)
Plus I liked all the coke suggestions. I've been trying to be good and failing miserably. So I'll break down and by the coke. :) Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes.

Kristine said...

Wheat crackers and almond butter not peanut. LIttle meals through the day and before you get up put somthing by your bed so you can eat before you are up. That is what I hear but unfortunately haven't tried, sorry Anna :(

red said...

Good luck with the popsicles. I'm going through my second bag now. I eat one before every meal :) It's a great example for Michael :) Good luck it will be over soon.

p.s. your barfing lady is making me sick :)

Max said...

How about the best of two world's?
Put toothpicks in ice cube trays and freeze Coke to make Cokesicles. you.