Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Super man is in the house

So I may be a little competitive but yesterday I noticed Michelle's counter was higher than mine, and I used to have the higher number. I believe this is due to my lack of gusto and slight hiatus due to always wanting to lay in bed and moan. Having nothing to do with her insanely adorable new baby. But in a couple days I will hit the 15 week mark and I am feeling more up to life. Still after six or so I get very queasy. My current solution tootsie rolls and pistachio ice cream. Not together of course, one or the other.
Anyway.... due to my competitive nature (I blame the blair genes, I know of a cousin who too races strangers who have no idea they are being raced) I will be blogging more and campaining for your clicks. I will beat michelle. :)Amy got Lincoln the cutest superman jammies ever. Lexi brought them into him and he immediately put them on. Bed time is a little easier as well. He wanted to take a video for Andrew to see his new jammies.

You should all know that Lincoln likes to direct, so he always tells me what to say before we start filming. But I usually tell him what to do, and then he does whatever he wants, as you will see.

He makes me laugh.

I understand if this video is so funny you have to keep coming back and clicking on it over and over. Just remember every time you hit the refresh button that will give me another step closer to beating out my cheating sister with he "new baby". :) ha ha ha (think of that as an evil laugh)


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I noticed I was beating you again :) We will see who wins this war... but your superman is supercute.

Cindy said...

Looks like those fun jammies can double as dress-up! Lots of fun. It always makes me laugh when my kids try to pick me up too.

red said...

Dear Anna,

If it makes you feel better I always come to your site first, read it (or get frustrated that there's no new stuff) then click on the links to the other blogs. seriously if you guys would update them more often I would check them :) I'm sure I count for at least five clicks a day. Just wait until I get my blog up. You'll both cry yourselves to sleep.

Maria said...

So, I've tried to do my part. Here's to the refresh button!

Max said...

Lincoln likes to tell people what to do? Now, where have I heard that before?

grandma blair said...

I love superman, especially the part where he wants to carry you.
fun little guy