Wednesday, June 25, 2008


He insisted on wearing winter PJ's tonight. I came in later he was complaining, I said I think you are hot. He said, "My blankets are hot and the earth is hot, but I am not hot!"

In his sleep: "I don't want Lexi to get the tomato sauce!!"

I come out dressed and ready. Lincoln looks at me, confused, he says, "MOM, you are FAT"
A little taken back, I say, "Lincoln that's not nice." Then he giggles a little, "But mom you are FAT." Jared steps in to rescue, gets after Lincoln. Tells him baby Ruby is just growing in mommy's belly and it's not nice to say Fat. Lincoln smirks a little, and a little quieter says, "But Mom is Fat."

"Honkey, quauttta, beeoep, moooobby. That's Spanish for Chinese."

Jared and I are asleep, Lincoln comes running in. "Mom, Dad wake up (really excited). Look at me! Mom, Dad Wake UP! Look how much bigger I am. Look How much I grew!"

"Mom, do you know why I like you so much?"
"Because I love you!"

"Jesus' town is far away, when I was there they had a different zoo than we have."

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