Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Piarates!!!! Lincoln's first friend party

Wow did we have fun!!! It's hard not to go over the top when you only have to do one birthday party a year. So we went over the top, and loved every minute of it.

We had a blast. Captain Lincoln and Jared welcomed each guest with a big AHOY, as they arrived, then they came to me and I drew beards or mustaches on them, gave them a patch, hat and hook. They got to color a page while they waited for everyone to get ready. Next was a Pirate story, with a read along CD. Jared got the kids yelling, Yo Ho and AHOY along with the book.
Off to the treasure hunt, Jared had hidden 7 clues around our house and outside. The kids loved finding all the clues and then the buried treasure!!! I was amazed at how everyone stayed focused and were just into the adventure.
Then lunch of Hot Dogs and chips, carrots and Alligator blood!!! :)
Then singing, presents, and the final activity was the "Cannon ball drop" I bought big black balloons filled with water, that the kids could barely hold and they had to try and make it to the X. It was a lot of fun. All the kids were great and we had a blast!!
As for the cake, I won a neighborhood auction to have a lady in my ward make me a cake. I gave her some pictures I found on the internet and she gave us this masterpiece. We all loved the cake, and it tasted so good!!!! Thanks Cheri!!!
We had a great time and are really happy it's over!
The video of my naked son was with my camera phone, so it's not very good. But it shows you how big our flag was. I know, I know we're awesome. :)


grandma blair said...

That was an anmazing party. You guys are awesome and that Cake was wonderful. I loved the cannon candles. I couldn't believe all the things she had on it. Happy fourth birthday Lincoln, this is one he will remember for a very long time.

Kristine said...

You guys are some pretty cool parents!! That looked amazing especiall w/Jared and Lincoln w/their dreads :) I can't wait to party w/ you guys Sunday. I think I may have you plan my next b-day party Anna!

Jared said...

Thanks for making everything come together Anna. I was just another kid at the party :). Lots of fun and great memories. I definitely looking forward to playing with all the monster trucks my son received, sadly no one gave him buried treasure. What adventure will he take us on next? Happy 4th birthday son.

Michelle said...

wow!! I feel like I was there. Looks like a super fun party. Happy Birthday Lincoln.

Cindy said...

Looks like lots of fun. I especially liked the black waterballoon toss idea. What an adorable pirate Lincoln is!

Ginny said...

Glad it was a success... looks like fun! Good luck with Friday.

Tad and Liza said...

Kamden and Cori can't stop talking about the "pirate pary" They had the best time. You guys sure know how to party.

Howard Family said...

I had to come and check out your site. I heard so much from kamden about the pirate party (I'm Kamden's Aunt). It looks like you went all out and what an amazing cake! Awesome.