Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We were leaving Sam's and the greeter guy was telling us bye, I said, "Say c/ya" once we got past him and almost outside Lincoln says in a very sad voice, "I was too busy eating my hot dog, I couldn't say bye!" :)

"Hey mom look, I found my backbone!"

(it was his sternum)

Lincoln loves "Toys R Us" and always asks if we can go, but calls it something different.
"Mom, can we please go to "Toys belong to us!"

"Zero Mom's with babies in their tummies allowed"

"It's my birthday mom, you need to go to walmart right now and get me a present. Wrap it up and keep it a secret, then I will be so surprised!!!"

When asked if he was good in church:
"I was great!....except I was just a little bit naughty!"

"It's sweltering out here!!!"
(thanks word girl!)

I had just told Lincoln he would go in time out if he did something. I left the room and Amy over heard him say under his breath.
"my mom is such a crazy mom"

L: Dad do you know what a toot is?
J: Um ya
L: A toot comes out your bum, bounces off your underwear and goes back in your bum.
J: Where'd you learn that buddy?
L: Just in my head dad.
Jared kept a straight face, then came and told me and laughed so hard he cried. :)

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