Thursday, September 4, 2008

belly update: 7 months

It's so hard to explain how high this baby girl is I thought if I took two pictures you could see how high she is. I won't tell you what Jared was doing to make me laugh, but he's a good photographer. Here is last months to compare. :)
We went to the Dr. yesterday and Ruby is 4 lbs 10 oz. Which put me almost three weeks ahead of schedule (it doesn't change my due date). Dr Jed. just said she's a big baby like her brother. I just hope she stays put til after Halloween. I really don't want a Halloween baby. I have braxton hicks all day and night and my lovely dr. just smiled and said that they'll get worse.
I'm to the point that I have to aim correctly to not spit on my belly when brushing my teeth. I have to have my ambien at night, or I get absolutely no sleep at. I have to focus to put my pants on, because I can't balance on one foot very well. My shirts are starting to be too short so every once in a while you can get a little flash of skin. I am so hot as well. And I really am trying to be pleasant but I do not want to do anything, talk to anyone or be around anyone. The only good news is that I haven't gained that much weight. I still have all of September and all of October to go, so if I seem a little unpleasant, please forgive and get over it. :) I promise to forgive you if you are pregnant.

Small update on Meeshia, I forgot to post that she had surgery a week and a half ago (forgive me michelle). She got fixed. She has lost some weight and actually is a slow healer. May be due to the fact that she won't lay down and take it easy. She popped her sore open the other day and is now recieving mandatory kennel time. Poor thing. But She should be back to running with Jared by next week. :)


Michelle said...

Dearest Misha,
I hope you are feeling better. You need to be careful and take it easy you don't want to hurt yourself or get your stitches infected. Aunt Michelle Misses you and feels sooooo bad she couldn't be there with you to scratch your head and hold you while whispering "everything will be okay"

... Oh um, Anna you're lookin good! I am happy Ruby is healthy and getting big. Sorry about Jed you should hear his reassuring remarks on stretch marks "Thanks Jed, for your candid comments." Seriously can't he just lie? You look dead sexy in the blue shirt It shows Ruby off so much better than the red shirt. HOT MAMMA!!!

Eve said...

I agree with Michelle - you are looking great. I can tell you haven't gained much because your face looks even skinnier than before pregnancy. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Teach me.

Juannael said...

As always, you look fantastic! I hope Misha gets better soon. Porter would have healed quickly since it was all we could do to get him to move, but I digress.

Anna said...

Eve, it's called the fast food, cheesecake and ice cream diet. Plus make sure you don't do any exercise because you figure any stairs you go on count. :)

Kim said...

Anna you look so cute! You're almost there. Good luck with that teeth brushing.

Ginny said...

You look fabulous! And yes, they are much better out than in. I'm not a pleasant pregnant woman either, ask my husband. Hang in there, I hated the last... uhmmmm 39 weeks ;)