Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where a kid can be a kid

Lincoln liked this one, the faster he did his arms
the faster the helicopter thing went

Michael liked all the car rides

Jared got to play lots too. :)
On Wednesday we finally gave in and went to Chuck E Cheese's with Lincoln. He's seen it from the freeway and apparently can read well enough to know when the "coming soon" sign changed to "Open" He always says, "But mom, it's where a kid can be a kid, I have to go!!" Thank you PBS. I swear Chuck E sponsors all their shows. :)
I would highly recommend going early in the day. There was hardly anyone there and it is still very clean. We left a little after three and it was just starting to get crowded.
The highlight of the trip for me was watching a mom play one arcade game over and over trying to get as many tickets as possible, then watching her go pay for more tokens to put in the machine to get more tickets. She sure was going to get a big prize with all her tickets, too bad the prizes are all really cheap and she could probably have bought ten of the biggest prizes for the amount she was spending trying to earn tickets. She was telling Jared how she just loves that game because it gives her so many tickets. If only she could have played her game and remembered about her two year old girl who was wondering all over the whole place. :) Guess it's where an adult can be a kid too. :)


Kirst said...

You were smart to go early in the day. I've heard that it is one of the cleaner Chuck E Cheese's...give it time I guess! :)

Michelle said...

So you caved? Looks like he had a good time.

Tad and Liza said...

So was it worth it? Maybe we will have to go when I am not worried about a kid shoving into my stomach. At least Lincoln had fun, right?

Regina said...

I saw that the other day! I didn't know it was in Layton. Dex likes to go but we tell him it's to far. We took him once for his B-day. Now what do I tell him? I guess I will be using HW89.

Ginny said...

Elizabeth knows the song from TV also. Where is the new one? We may have to cave and go too.

Hey, you're down to almost a month :) YEAH!