Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

I'm slow, I know. Sadly this and a couple others are the only photos we have from Halloween night. Our batteries died. But we had a good time. We went down to our old neighborhood for a trunk or treat with Amy and her kids. Then off to the grandparents to show off our little vampire. It is nice to have Halloween over with and focus on the arrival of Ruby. Which, ready or not here we come!Cute Frankenstein Kenny and Cinderella Lexi.


Amy said...

Hey. Glad you got some pictures of us. :) I'm glad to Halloween done with too. Next.... Baby Ruby! Good luck on Tuesday!

Juannael said...

They are so cute!! Good luck tomorrow! You won't need luck though because it's going to go great!

Ginny said...

Cute pics! Hopefully you are in having your baby as I type this. Good luck!