Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man on man vs. Zone

My baby girl is almost two weeks old. I've been out of the house twice, getting used to that. Jared is still on paternity leave (I don't know what I would do without paternity leave). As I type I've got ruby in my arms and Jared is taking care of Lincoln in the other room. Its an odd thing to go from one child to two (I know several of you have done this and even more) but it just amazes me that this teeny tiny baby girl can change things so much around my house. I forgot about the recovery time, I forgot about the absolute lack of sleep and I forgot about how many diapers you go through.I love the sweetness a new baby brings. I love how it slows life down. How you just worry about when the last time they ate, slept or pooped was. I love how she smells, I love how she cuddles into my neck and I absolutely love to see my son run in from preschool past me to his baby sister to tell her how much he missed her. I am a very grateful momma. I love her big eyes staring up at me, how she seems to already have such personality. I am still very much afraid of taking care of a little girl (actually the teenage girl scares me the most) but I am in love with this sweet thing that has become part of our family. :)Thank you everyone for the meals and the visits. We know we are very blessed with Great friends and wonderful family.


Michelle said...

They are both SO So cute!! Sorry i can't be there to visit Ruby and bring you treats.
I have no clue how you would parent two, I have a difficult time with one.
I hope you can catch up on your sleep soon. Good luck. Give them kisses from me.

graydonblair said...

I still remember very clearly going from 2 to 3 kids.

2 was a no brainer. Man on man. 2 parents, 2 kids. Daddy gets one, mommy gets the other.

Now 3, that's a whole different scenario.... If all 3 are crying, one is just gonna have to deal with it.

Somehow you grow, get used to it, or figure out how to deal with it. Can't really explain it, just happens.

The funny thing is, once you get it all figured out, you wonder why it was such a big deal to you.

I remember being absolutely terrified of having 3 kids. 2 was fine, but 3 just gave me the hee-bee gee-vies (however they say that).

Somehow it all works out & life goes on. Oh yeah, lots of stuff that mattered before just doesn't matter anymore either. (ie. a clean house is a thing of the past. 3 kids can take a clean house to a total mess in under 10 minutes....seriously...I've watched it!)

I still don't know how mom & dad ever dealt w/ all 6 kids though. I'm definitely not up for that one. 3's enough, thank you very much.

Congratulations though! Soon she'll be growing up, throwing fits and tantrums just as you get ready to head out the door to church...or, she could turn into a little Anna when she hits puberty LOL!!! Oh man, I'm gonna laugh hard if that happens! "Serves ya right!" heh heh heh..

For now, just enjoy the fun.
Girls are different, huh!

Girls = eat, sleep, act, play, etc completely different from boys.

Josh = bangs stuff against walls, makes car noises with everything
Emily = has complete conversations with every toy she plays with (blocks, cars, pencils, you name it)

Lots of fun!

Cindy said...

I am seeing some transformation in you already, starting with your blog wallpaper! I too used to hate pink until I had baby girls!
Little girls just steal your heart. That's why God made them extra cute so you can still love them even through all their drama!
Glad you've got Jared 24/7 to help out :) That's great! Cute pictures.

VJBlair said...

I understand the diaper thing. Initially I didn't change laurie's diaper as much as was needed. I realized it when she started getting a sore bum. They really do use a lot of diapers.

Tad and Liza said...

I love baby Ruby, she is so sweet. If you need help next week when Jared goes back to work, let me know. I am right next to Lincoln's school. I could pick him up and bring him here.

red said...

She's getting soo big. She's starting to look more like a little person and less like a new born. She's very very cute.


red said...

two kids seems impossible by the way. Just when I think I have it down both of the kids poop at the same time. Good times :)

Trint and Misty said...

I can't even believe how BIG her eyes are. I'm totally coming to visit as soon as this stinkin cold clears up!