Monday, November 24, 2008


Lincoln loves his sister, Ruby tolerates Lincoln to some degree, but if he starts bugging her she is very good at screaming and letting us know she is done. Ever since we had the photographer come Lincoln wants his picture taken all the time.
Today when he got home from school he was so excited to see Ruby in his favorite shirt for her, so he wanted to do pictures. They are really funny. I think we even got a couple good ones out of it, but it was funny. He kept telling Ruby to say cheese, and move her head. My favorite is where you just see the top of her head, because he dropped her. I can't believe how fast she is changing, and already starting to lose her newborn look, along with her hair. But she is so fun and cute and even starting to sleep at night and be more awake in the day. :)
I thought I would also throw in a few pictures of the night the photographer came. Lincoln got our tripod out and put the camera on and took pictures of the photographer taking pictures. She even let him pose her and take her picture. It was really funny and cute. :)
and lastly, just thought you'd like a little movie of these two together. :)


Michelle said...

lincoln is such a good big brother. Looks like he might love ruby a little too much sometimes :)

If Ruby has half the personality that Lincoln has than you are going to be busy. He is so cute. I am sure the photographer loved him.

Cindy said...

Wow she is looking so grown up already. How is that possible at only 3 weeks old? Looks like fun busy times at your house!

grandma blair said...

What a sweet brother, and a patient mommy. Ruby looks like she is tolerating him okay.

Cindy said...

Hey so I just realized if you are painting, that means you are decorating in your New house already! That was fast! I guess this is a great time to paint before all the stuff gets moved in.
Hope you got the color thing worked out. I am excited to see how it turns out. :)

VJBlair said...

Ruby is so cute. sorry we haven't been out for a visit. we have just been getting rid of some colds.

Hope we can see her soon.

Tad and Liza said...

Oh what things Lincoln is going to teach Ruby! Morning times are still my favorite because my kids are so excited to see each other after the night time.

Juannael said...

So much fun!! I love those first months. We loved your pictures and I can't believe how big she is getting!