Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Month Old

One Montha rare shot of her dimples

I honestly believe this has been the fastest month of my life. I can't believe she is a month old. Ruby is a very good baby, we are very lucky. She sleeps 6 to 8 hours at night, and if she gets up she eats and goes right back to sleep. She's happy most of the morning and sleeps all afternoon. Late evening is her grouchy time, but we don't mind because she's so good most of the time.
out takes
She gets more beautiful each day, we love looking at her and playing with her. Her current tricks are almost smiling, pulling at things on her face and, my favorite, filling her pants right as daddy puts the new diaper on. Its the best.

After we took Ruby's pictures Lincoln needed his taken too. Then we played with daddy. It was lots of fun. :)


Michelle said...

Now I see where Lincoln gets his ability to make silly faces.
Ruby is getting so big and adorable. I love the spit up shots. And what a cute Polar Bear.
I am excited to watch her (and Lincoln and Jared) grow along side it.

Juannael said...

She looks so cute in those pictures! We loved your family ones too. Nate keeps asking when Lincoln can come over and play.