Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our pictures are up for viewing. Please check them out and tell me your favorites. I'm going to order some for my walls and for Christmas cards and such.
Click the link, then select "proofing", and then enter hall as password that is at the bottom and check us out.
My fav of Ruby is: 4569
of Lincoln: 4859

Let me know your fav's. :)
PS don't look at the kissing ones, embarrassing. :)
pps Our house is a very crazy moving mess, I will post pictures when things settle in. But I absolutely love it. Thank you for everyone helping us move, made things so much better.


Le said...

Those are amazing pictures. Your baby girl is adorable. I had favorites but I forgot to watch the numbers. Awesome!

Michelle said...

I love all of them!!! I like the pictures that are the entire family in front of the sofa and the one of lincoln with out a shirt on.

Cindy said...

Those are so cool. What a great photographer! And I hardly recognize you Anna with long dark hair! Very cute!

Kristine said...

So I liked so many but I wote down some faves-
Ruby--8, 36, 51, 61,69, 78, and 95
Lincoln--114, 29-nice teth!, 120 and 129
Fam--33,148,159,162,175, and 177. She really does a great job w/ pics there were too many options!

Ginny said...

Love the pics

will you email me your new address.


Tad and Liza said...

You have a hard decision to make. You are all very photogenic. We want to come to your house now that you are in. Wyatt is sick, but started an antibiotic yesterday so he should be feeling better soon, so call us.

grandma blair said...

Your pictures are amazing. You are going to have a hard time choosing ones you really like. The one with Ruby on the white rug with her bum up in the air with her wings on is pretty cute.

Regina said...

GORGEOUS! Luv'em. Have fun selecting. If you need help with stuff let me know.

Brian and Alissa Hansen said...

Oh my goodness! Your pictures are beatuiful! I had to check them out since I saw your beautiful Ruby tonight. P.S. She is so so so adorable!