Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's too big!!!

Lincoln just left for his primary activity; to the draper temple open house, by HIMSELF. Our ward is so on the ball that by time I learned of the activity they already had plenty of parents to drive the kids down. So we got him up, dressed and packed a snack and sent him on his way carrying his booster seat.
When I told him he would have to be so good and listen to his teachers he said, "aren't you coming?"
"Sorry buddy, no moms and dads, just teachers"
loud sound of total delight, "Awesome"

He was so excited to go, promised to be good and happy to leave without us.

He's too big.

He came home and the teacher said he did great (she always says that)
He said that he liked that oxen and the green bus he got to ride in.
He said he felt the Holy Ghost in the marriage room. :)
He was very sweet and went over the pamphlet with me and told me how quiet he talked and how he stayed on the cardboard and didn't walk on the soft carpet because he didn't have slippers on.
He did tell me he spilled his water in his teachers car, "because I was putting my fruit snacks in it and trying to drink my fruit snacks, but it spilled all over and I had to put the fruit snacks on the road. I couldn't have them anymore." Poor teacher. :)
I'm sure he was better for them than he would have been for me, he always is.


Michelle said...

Saddest story in the world. Lincoln slow up!

grandma blair said...

That must have been pretty scary to let him go like that. I think it is funny that he is happy to not have you guys around. Tell him Grandma is really happy he got to go. I wanted to go, but I don't think it is going to happen.

graydonblair said...

I pity those teachers.

We took our 3 kids down there & they did pretty good....until they had to sit & wait in the cultural hall for the buses.

It's a gorgeous temple, but kids attention spans only last so long and there's a lot of waiting down there. By the end of the night, all 3 of them were really grumpy.

I'm sure the teachers all have stashes of "bribery" (a.k.a. lots of treats) though to keep em all happy.

I'll bet he'll have a great time though.

Mom B said...

Wait till he goes on his mission :( :(
You will cry buckets!