Thursday, April 16, 2009

"the Cool Aunt"

I loved being the cool aunt when I was single. I loved spoiling my nieces and nephews. One Christmas I spent $45 on just one niece. Then I got married and had my own kids and wasn't as cool. But tonight I felt like the cool aunt again. It was fun.
I love these sassy pictures. She took them herself when no one was looking. She's so hot.These are my nieces. They are seven and nine. By time they left my house they looked like they were sixteen. I was excited to play beauty shop. We did nails, hair and make up. Kicked Jared and Lincoln out and had a girls night in.
Amy and Lexi even came for part of the time.
It was fun. Thanks for coming guys!!!
Aubrie even gave Lincoln a MoHawk. Which he of course loved.
Thanks guys.
ps my niece with the really long blonde hair has the prettiest curls you have ever ever seen. Just perfect and she dreams of straight hair. It was so hard to take those gorgeous curls away. But she looked beautiful with it straight too.


Cindy said...

Thanks for being so cool Anna! The girls loved all the pampering. Lyss told grandma she's never gonna wash her hair now, she loves it straight :)

Trint and Misty said...

awww! They are so sweet. I love it!

grandma blair said...

The girls looked so pretty when they came back from your house. I was really impressed with Aubrie's hair. It was so pretty. Wish mine would go like that. Alyssa's hair is so long, and straight. It is so pretty. you really are the cool aunt!!

VJBlair said...

Very beautiful girls, Great Job.

Cindy said...

Thanks Anna! Lyss and I had so much fun! I am glad we got to have a lot of fun with our "Cool Aunt"! I bet my friend will see it and say "that makeover is to die for!"


Regina said...

I didn't recognize the woman, i mean girls. WOW they are so pretty !