Tuesday, May 5, 2009

6 Month Ruby...Really....really...Really

Miss Ruby is Six Months Old
Weight: 16.2 pounds 60 percentile
Height: 26 inches 95 percentile
Head: 17.2 inches 70 percentile
I really really can't believe it. I want time to stop. Right now she is adorable. She always has her little tounge out. She eats good sleeps good and is really happy. She had her first cold this last month, but took it like a champ. She loves her daddy and gets mad if he doesn't come and say Hi to her when he walks in a room.  She's starting to play games and be silly it seems. She loves to make us laugh and is egged on when we do. She loves to eat and is always willing to try something new. So far carrots don't agree with her but other than that everything makes her happy. 

Quick Comparison:
Lincoln at six months
17.4 pounds
27 inches 
18 inch head 
That put him 50 percentile in everything but his head. It was 90.

Too many posts for one night.


red said...

You keep stealing all my good ideas! Ruby is SOOO cute! She's getting so big and more and more adorable every day!!! I think Lincoln's baby picture looks exactly like yours.

Michelle said...

Soooo Adorable!!!She is getting so big. I love the water trick she loves a good laugh.

Regina said...

Fun stuff! It looks like you finished your wall.