Thursday, May 21, 2009

zoo plus, fake cry and starting them young. :)

We went to the zoo a little bit ago.  We brought Lincoln's cute friend Porter along and met some cousins there.  So fun

If you got it you might as well flaunt it. 

Lincoln, Porter, Emily's friend, Michael and Emily
I love the cuties all lined up watching the elephants

Ruby's new fun thing is her fake cry. It makes me laugh so hard. She'll be laughing and having a good time then just start her fake cry. The movie's a little long because I had to coax it out of her. 
***Don't forget to keep scrolling, I did  five posts tonight, but I think I'm all caught up***

Lincoln wanted to read a big grown up book, he picked this one because: "its the president" and I left him for five minutes tops, came back and he was out! It was funny. 


grandma blair said...

I love Ruby's fake cry, I guess Lincoln just can't handle grown up books yet, or is it he is now acting like a grownup.

Michelle said...

Soo cute. :) silly girl who happens to have a silly brother.

red said...

Her cry makes me laugh. I love how she's so serious with it :) And I don't blame you Lincoln. Grown up books are lame.