Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Lincoln

My son is five. it sounds so much older to me than four. Kindergarten here we come.

Lincoln had an amazing birthday with an amazing party. (pictures soon, my camera is in st. George, sorry)
We did a superhero theme and had an obstacle course and all sorts of training fun activies. It turned out cute (even if I had eleven 4 to 6 year olds.) It was a blast. Jared was the evil villain that ran around trying to ruin the birthday party and they had to do certain tasks to ruin his evil plan. He did an amazing job.

Right after the party we packed up like mad people and high tailed it to ST GEORGE. My best friends parents have a second home down there so we went to try it out for the weekend. It was so much fun to relax and play. The kids loved being kids and we tried to let them (if only we could keep them off the furniture, monkeys).

I love my little man. I can't believe he is five, nor can I believe he still slips in bed with me, still won't eat tomatoes, can still throw a tantrum, still is the loudest child I have met, and still melts my heart like butter when he, thanks for being my mom.


grandma blair said...

I love him too, and he is growing up way too fast. He will be wonderful in Kindergarten.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln. Sounds like a superfun party!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln. I love you!

Mom B said...

Lincoln, I'm so glad you had such a fun party. I can't believe you are 5 already! But you will have so much fun in kindergarten!