Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ruby is into EVERYTHING!

Miss Ruby, slow up.

She is into everything. Its pretty funny. If you try to chase after her to save her life from falling or something she crawls faster. If you try to figure out what she could possibly have put into her mouth now, she clamps down with her superman strength so you can't even pry her tiny mouth open, and you just hope she won't choke on it when she swallows, because you know by now she has. I don't even check her diapers, I don't want to know all the things she swallows.

She loves to chase Lincoln down and pull on his legs. He then picks her up and plays (aka wrestles or swings) her til I can get to her and save her life again. But she just giggles all the while. Their newest trick is pushing her back and forth in a storage bin.
She laughs and laughs, as I fear for her life. But she seems to be surviving all the bumps and bruises and usually just laughs them off, unless of course if Daddy is home. Then she is all drama, it may or may not have something to do with him always...and I mean always....holding her. If he sets her down she just wails like her life is going to end, and he promptly apologizes to her and picks her back up. Then she gives me the look of, "see thats how its done Mom!"
She loves to help with the dishes and she loves to help cook. She just likes being into stuff. She really does brighten my day, everyday. She is such a happy happy baby, I am very lucky. And I love love love that she sleeps through the night and has done forever. I'm sure she won't tonight though, because I just typed that. :)


graydonblair said...

Definitely sounds like a "Daddy's Girl". She's too young to be doing all that stuff! Wow! Yep. Growing up fast.

Michelle said...

I love the innocent look on her face. I don't believe you she is an angel.

grandma blair said...

She is so cute, What a fun little girl she is becoming.

grandma blair said...

I often said it was a miracle the the babies made it alive to their first birthday. You were so motherly to Janay and Michelle, I often wondered if you were going to smother them. Wow everyone made it through!!

Ginny said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a kid into everything. Are Cages Legal????