Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Soccer Game

Lincoln(and Jared) have been counting down the days til today when his first soccer game would take place. He woke up at 6:00AM ready to go. I was able to keep him in bed til 6:30. But I think Jared was just as excited. We were ready and on our way by 8. Jared is the head coach and was so cute with the kids during their "practice" time. He had them pretending to be snakes and "slithering" and "striking" with the ball. It was really cute.

Then the actual game. I was a little worried about Lincoln in the first half. He was running back and forth but didn't really seem to care about where the ball went or how the game was going, but then he got a goal in. There was no stopping him from then on out. He loved the excitement and everyone calling his name. He made four more goals (we need to work on team work and talk about ball hogging) But it was pretty cool to watch. It was funny to see the other coach get a little flustered and frustrated because his team wasn't quite trying, "Put down the flower and kick the ball!"
(Team Cheerleader)
Ruby and I enjoyed ourselves on the sidelines and look forward to next game. See how we're doing at the end of the season. :)

And just because..... thought you'd like to see what Ruby is up to right this second. Loves spaghetti!!!


Michelle said...

WOW Lincoln, Good Job!!

grandma blair said...

So excited for Lincoln to be playing Soccer, with the best coach in the league. Remind us and we will come to a few of his games.

Jared said...

All the boys did really good, I hope they continue to have fun. We'll see if Lincoln has as much success each week, he likes to trash talk more then practice I think.

red said...

Okay that's really really cute. Jared is such a fun Daddy. And ruby you look HOT in that pink suit!!! Go Momma!!