Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween has hit the Halls!!!

About a month ago Lincoln told me, "Mom I invited everyone to our Halloween party." Oh ya, what Halloween party? "I invited the whole bus, and the whole Kindergarten." I let it go. Didn't really talk to him again about it. Then I started having moms come and ask me if Lincoln was having a Halloween party. I would laugh and say "in his dreams." Then it got more constant, more people asking and Lincoln becoming more and more adamant. On a whim I relented. Decided I'd do something small for the neighbors. Lincoln was so excited and had big plans. Minutes before the party started he asked me, "Mom, where is the corn maze. I told all my friends there would be a corn maze and a haunted house." :) They had fun anyway....
The spider cupcakes.
The donut on a string game.
Movie time, notice the kids that are wondering where the *%$#@ is the corn maze and haunted house

And our own family pumpkin carving night. Don't you love how pictures make it look like we were having a good time and loving it. If you look really close to the picture of Jared and I, Lincoln took it and we were both in the process of trying so hard not to lose it. He wasn't listening, taking the knives and just being a naughty little boy. I don't enjoy carving pumpkins. I need to remember that next year.


Michelle said...

no corn maze? phth.. kinda a crappy mom aren't you? ;)
Sometimes I just love your son and love even more that he is yours.
That is awesome, you are going to be hosting a party for every holiday now.

Max said...

He got the "Invite Everybody!" from his Grandma Blair. And thanks to this blog, I will probably have to plow up the back yard and put it in corn next year! (We already have the haunted house).
Next year, I'll make a poster and sneak it to Lincoln to put up in the school inviting everybody to a party at his house. It'll promise a haunted house, corn maze, AND a Hay RIDE with Free pumpkins to the first 100 kids.

Tad and Liza said...

My kids had a blast at the party despite the fact that there was no corn maze. And I'll take Ruby anytime...she was an angel.

red said...

You get so UUBER Mom points. Come on you have corn in your back yard. What are you going to do this summer when he invites everyone to your carnival :)I hope you put this one in your journal.

graydonblair said...

That was hilarious!!!
Well, the "hating carving pumpkins" thing must run in the family.

I could care less about that nasty, slimy, gooey mess they call carving pumpkins...but the kids seem to enjoy it.

Looks like a great party! I loved the part about the corn maze!