Monday, November 2, 2009

Good bye Halloween

Ruby was a very adorable Giraffe, she would wear her costume for about five minutes then wanted it OFF.

Lincoln was Wolverine. He'd been asking to be wolverine and I had told him no because he didn't even really know who he was. Then I found it for cheap and decided it was ok. When I brought the costume home he said, "What, where are my claws?" I told him he'd have to pretend and it was fine. Then when we were out and about everyone would ask him, "Where are your claws?" He'd just look down and sadly say, "I don't have any." When we were out trick or treating there
was a boy with the "real" wolverine costume, it had puffy muscles, and CLAWS!!! You should have seen the envious eyes of Lincoln watching that little boy as he walked past him. The little boy seemed to know he was better than Lincoln too. He gave a very smug smile and walked right past. It was awesome. Made me so happy I got the cheap costume. :) Some things are just good for our kids.
We love Halloween, we put the decorations up the day after Jared's birthday. (Sept 17th) And we love to party. Halloween is our favorite Holiday so it's sad to see it go.

Trick or Treating.
Amy and I took Lexi and Lincoln. Leaving Jared to fend for himself with Ruby and Kenny, and the trick or treaters (and he was trying to watch a soccer game). Lincoln and Lexi were going strong for about 10 maybe 15 houses. Then Lincoln started to remember he doesn't really like candy and this was a lot of work just for candy. "Mom, I think I have enough candy. I don't want to go trick or treating anymore." Amy and I were laughing so hard at this silly boy. Lexi kept going for probably another thirty minutes before she got tired. She loved it. Lincoln kept complaining that he was tired and didn't want anymore candy. :)
waiting for Lexi, because he "had enough"


Michelle said...

You should tell lincoln his costume was vintage and vintage is cool :), while you are telling him that tell him Candy is delicious and send it our way.
Ruby is an adorable giraffe

red said...

Poor Lincoln. Why didn't you just make him some claws it's not like you're busy...ha ha ha ha ha...Michael was done after about fifteen minutes. He wouldn't go to a house unless it had halloween decorations out. So he would have LOVED coming to your house. I like the pirate flag. I bet a lot of kids were scared to come to your house :)

Juannael said...

Isn't it funny how set in their minds these boys get? Your house looks great as always and your kids are so beautiful!

Juannael said...

Isn't it funny how set in their minds these boys get? Your house looks great as always and your kids are so beautiful!

Kim said...

Your kids looked so cute. Poor Lincoln. I remember when I bought Taylor the cheap Spiderman costume, and all the other boys had the ones with the built in muscles. He's not too scarred by the experience, and I saved $20 bucks. Parker told me we should throw our candy away so we don't get sick.

Ginny said...

You're house and kids look awesome as always. You would be impressed... even I put up a bunch of Halloween decorations this year!!!