Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Two-On the road

Sign inside of the women's restroom. The amount of Christian propaganda is amazing to me.
My exciting passenger. :)
trying to not be bored. :)

The Driver
Good food for my birthday.
We're in Montgomery now. May or may not have stopped at a few old navy's to "browse"
Tomorrow is our hard work sobering day. Museums, museums and museums. :)


Collin Shaw said...

I was so jealous of your waffle house visit, Delilah and I had french toast for dinner. Love the Waffle House

red said...

You guys both look super hot. Have you both been working out recently? I'm glad that you both get a break. And I'm really happy it may or may not involve Old Navy :) Thanks for the posts keep them coming.

Cindy said...

Glad you're both having a great time. Traveling and exploring are lots of fun. Oh, and shopping and eating good food...

grandma blair said...

So good to see you both having fun. Is Michelle just being a good sport about your museums or is she interested too?

Jared said...

Old Navy is not a museum! Just cause the put the word "old" in it :). Glad you found something to breakup the long drive.