Monday, January 4, 2010

My Weight Loss Story

I thought I'd share a little. If it inspires you just a little I think it's worth the inside (embarrassing) look into my life.
**side note, it was really hard for me to find a "before" picture. I guess when you are the mom behind the camera there aren't very many shots of you***

Almost two years ago I turned 29, I had decided the time had come to get serious about dieting. My goal was to be 150 for my 30th birthday. My good friend hopped on board with me. I had a plan, a gym membership and support. Nothing could go wrong. Then I found out I was pregnant. I was so elated (we'd been trying for a year and a half), but I was sad about my weight loss plan. I gave it a good try though, I tried to keep going to the gym and tried to really watch what I ate. But then I got so sick, I was just down for the count. and eventually I gave up. We moved (three times) had baby girl, and life went on. I turned 30, it was so bittersweet knowing I hadn't accomplished my goal.
My dad's family put on a "biggest loser" competition that I tried at (but only half heartily). And by the final weigh in I had gained more than I had lost. Reaching my all time high. I felt horrible about it. That was July of last year.
I came home and had just decided I was going to try again. I called my same friend I had called on my 29th birthday. She was in, we set some goals and promised to work with each other and help. I made a half way goal. I wanted to be 175 by the 25th of December. (that meant losing around thirty pounds.)
Because I have my baby girl, my crazy son and I started a preschool this year I really didn't have time to exercise. Unless I wanted to get up at 5am like my dedicated husband does to exercise and I just was not that dedicated. :)
So I made a plan. Eat less. Pretty awesome plan huh. I was amazed as the pounds started coming off. I really was just eating less. I wasn't getting the snacks, I wasn't getting seconds and I was just not worrying about food. I thought that I needed the comfort that food could give. Turns out the food doesn't give the comfort, it is just there. I was eating to eat. I incorporated Coke zero into my diet, this in my opinion saved my life. When I wanted something I'd have my Coke zero. When I hit 20 pounds I was amazed! Other people lose weight, not me. I've been teetering in the 190's for 10 years people! I was very comfortable with my weight, it bothered me, but I defiantly wasn't losing sleep over it. My sister and I used to have a saying, "I'd be anorexic if I weren't so hungry." :)
I have had slumps and days where I totally overate. But I just kept being careful. The comments of others gave me strength. Anytime someone said that I looked good, it'd help me to eat less. But not the comments that were like; "HOLY COW ANNA! HOW MUCH WEIGHT HAVE YOU LOST?!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I BET YOU'VE LOST A TON!!! WOW, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE LOST ALL THAT WEIGHT!!!" Those just piss me off, I wasn't that fat people. :)
So at the end of the competition I weighed in at 168 (7 pounds lighter than my goal!!!)

ten surprising things about working my ass off (literally):
1. I'm not breathing as heavy when I get to the top of the stairs
2. I'm only down two dress sizes. That means my clothes were waaaayyy too tight, I didn't even know it!
3. Going clothes shopping 35lbs lighter, pretty awesome.
4. Saw my rib the other day, didn't even know you could see it.
5. My old clothes look so much bigger than I thought they were. Sometimes when I see my arm, I'm like, wow is that really MY arm?
6. I eat more candy than I used to. It just seems sweeter and to hit the spot better than before. (Maybe its the empty stomach)
7. The biggest loser competition got me through Christmas. Me and the relish trays became friends.
8. I don't feel that different mentally, I feel like the same person. (although I flex more)
9. I'm very surprised that I still want to lose more, I thought I'd be so happy to be at this weight.
10. My boobs are MIA! If you find them please send them back.

So here is my new "before" picture. I've got 20 more pounds to go. I'm adding exercise this time around and am excited to keep trying. Good luck with your new years resolutions, and next time you think you can't, just think "that fat girl Anna did it, I bet I can."

Me, Today.


Michelle said...

You look amazing Anna I can't wait to see you in person. Good Job!!

grandma blair said...

You look Awesome!! You have inspired me to eat less. We'll see if I can lose anything.

Eve said...

OHHHHH my gosh you have lost SOOOOOOOO much weight!!!!!! j/k - sorry I had to mess with you a little after that funny comment.

You do look great and I know how hard it is to lose weight. Good for you for sticking with it. And I love that you are so open about it and making yourself accountable here - that can only help!

I am in a similar boat - I'm down 20, have 20 more since baby #2. It feels great to see it come off. I have just cut out the junk and I totally substitute diet dr. pepper for treats. Another trick I have used is the spark people site - it's free and has a calorie counter (I used the pregnancy one to avoid gaining 40+ pounds like I did with Wren). It gives you points for exercising/ entering food/ etc. and the competitive girl in me was motivated by that.

Jared said...

You are beautiful honey. I wish I had the discipline you've had to eat less. And you have a great attitude that keeps you going, I have no doubt you'll make your new years resolution. Thanks for being you!!

Maria said...

You look awesome! Good luck with the exercise! I know a few people who'd love to go running with you--if that's your thing. :) Congrats!!

Cindy said...

Way to go Anna! I'd like to lose 20 too, but have to figure out how to do the "eat less" thing when I'm always baking.

Tad and Liza said...

Did you win the competition? You do look great. It is never fun to try to lose weight, so great job.

The Johnson Crew said...

You look Amazing!! Anna Thank you! Thank you for sharing I hope I can do the same.

red said...

First of all you were never fat. Second of all you look HOT! It surprises me to look at your before pictures because I can tell that you have lost weight but I don't realize how much. You look super cute in your new clothes. (and your butt is really small.) Oh and in my experience the boobs NEVER EVER come back. Sorry. Just get a padded bra it helps the whole non-boob thing.

red said...

p.s. don't buy pants yet because you'll only be in that size for a few weeks if that. You can find $5 jeans at target ALL the time. Seriously wait a few more months before investing in a bunch of clothes I bet you're going to be down two more sizes in just a couple months especially if you kick in exercise. You look awesome.

Juannael said...

I really enjoyed reading this while I was walking this morning. I am right there with you, only not losing the weight because, well, there is a baby in my womb. I do, however, think you look amazing, but I always did so way to keep looking amazing and losing weight!

Kirst said...

Way to go!! You look great, and I also agree that you were NEVER fat. I wish I could do better in the eating department. I love chocolate too much. I run to support my habits...:) Good luck with the rest of your goal!!

Regina said...

Yay! I'm getting back into it also. 2010 here we go.

Desiree Hansen said...

Way to go... You look amazing!

Kim said...

Hey Anna,
I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you. Isn't it a great feeling to lose the weight you wanted to. The competition was fun, and I have to say you kept me trying, but starting to lose weight is really what made me want to keep at it. Once I started losing some weight I realized that I could and it became easier. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are still at it.

Suz said...

I am way impressed. You did awesome. I am thinking that there should be another round of the biggest loser say around july?? (right after baby #2) :)

Ginny said...

Congrats on the loss... you've always benn gorgeous!!!