Monday, February 15, 2010

just a glimpse of his many talents

Some people say I'm a nice mom, some don't realize I'm a lazy mom. :)
Lincoln wanted to do my hair and make up. I wanted to finish watching a movie, so I let him while I watched. Then I talked Jared into the fun. I know it looks like my hair is wet, not so, just mounds and mounds of gel. ;)
I think he has what it takes to be a professional, don't you. :)

and don't you love that he got the mascara on my nose trying to get it on my eyes, I hate when I do that. :)


Michelle said...

Nice eyebrows!!

Daniel said...

your eyelashes look awesome! he's the best. Does he like to brush hair? I'll borrow him anytime :)

Daniel said...

oh crap that was Janay

Eve said...

Apart from the greasy hair and gussied up nose, I think he did a pretty good job! You look good!

Michelle said...

you are both awesome
this is mom blair

Kim said...

You are so cute with Lincoln.