Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life at the Hall's!

Lincoln's imagination never ceases to amaze me. I saw him playing with dolls, I thought oh, so sweet. So I asked what he was doing. I received a very nice explanation. (And where the H*** did he learn Chasm???) Crazy Little man. You have to crank up the volume to hear him for some reason.
It made Jared feel better that playing with dolls still involved blowing things up. :) I almost didn't put these videos on because of my messy house. But give me a break it was laundry day, don't judge me. :)

and Miss Ruby, all day long this baby girl goes. She's like a wind up doll, with out the wind up. :) But I love her antics. Turn it down and enjoy.

and just because I wanted to put this on here, here is the last picture we took of Meeshia. Jared did that other post for me. I miss her more than I thought I would. I really miss her cleaning up after Ruby. But I don't miss her hair.


Jared said...

They both are so imaginative. It's a new adventure every day at the Hall House.

Cindy said...

Both of them are adorable! Life can feel so crazy with tiny kids around, but life is so happy with them in it :)

Michelle said...

Ruby shake your grove thing!!!

Lincoln you will always amaze me.
Anna your kids are so stinking cute. I loved both the movies. SO CUTE!!

red said...

Today when I stepped on a disgusting piece of spaghetti and some crunchy who knows what I thought about how much you are going to miss Meeshia. Maybe Michael and Lincoln teach each other weird words.