Sunday, March 7, 2010


(I love that lincoln always poses)
Lincoln was in a school play this last friday, Willy Wonka Kids. It was a really cute play, Lincoln was a squirrel. He took his part very serious, practicing at home, listening to the songs, and most important going to the DAILY practices. (I don't know if we will do a play again, way too much practicing!!!)

The Proud Parents
Lincoln with his teacher (she's amazingly organized!) With new best friend (he can't remember his name though. ;) ) with the director, and during the play. Lincoln did great! He wasn't shy, or nervous. Just loved the attention. When I asked him if he was happy it was over he said, "Today was the best day of my LIFE!!!" I love you mom! " (maybe we'll do another play. :) )
The proud Grandparents

Ruby was invited to the first show, but was not the best guest, so she was not invited to the second show. :) Thanks mom and dad for playing with her.
When I was taking pictures of Lincoln
Ruby wanted hers taken too. This was before school, thus the PJ's.


Michelle said...

Lincoln I love you all the way to Jupiter!!
You make the best squirrel ever! That is why you were the squirrel king!!
I am sorry I missed it bud, maybe next time I'm in town you can re enact it for me.
Love Aunt Michelle

red said...

I hope you got some video of his part. He was practicing it very well for me earlier that week! Yah I think once he gets a taste of it he won't ever want to quit. He's very talented.

Eve said...

Love Lincoln's pose in the first picture.

In other news, your mom looks beautiful and lucky you, you look just like her!