Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter was nice and low key, It was fun that Conference was over Easter. I loved being lazy for two days. Lincoln got a much anticipated alarm clock and Ruby received some awesome hats! She is in love with hats right now and loved her Easter presents!
Here they are in all their adorable glory!
Happy Easter everyone!
Lincoln enjoyed decorating and destroying the eggs. This was his favorite because the egg lost it's brain. :) The Easter bunny brought Jared some Twinkies, baby girl loved the new treat! She'd run from us when we tried to get it away from her. She'd have eaten the whole box if she could have.
I love these silly kids. :)


red said...

So so cute! You're awesome we had intentions of dying eggs and it never happened. Did they like it? How did you keep them from spilling the water everywhere? SO So cute! I like the brain one too!

Jared said...

we could have had several "brain" eggs, patience was key to letting a 5 year old dye eggs. It was fun in the end to see his creative mind at work. He was so proud of them.

Tad and Liza said...

I love Ruby in Christmas pajamas and a spring hat. So cute!

Eve said...

Ruby is "into hats"?? LUCKY.

Michelle said...

I wish my girl like hats, you are lucky!!
Happy Easter, brains and all.