Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Massive Update

Sit back relax and enjoy learning about what we've been up to. :)
First, I survived girls camp. It's nice to be a leader, you don't have to follow all the rules. :) Three cokes a day and my new itouch helped me survive. :) The girls were cute, we had 24 girls and our theme was 2 nephi 2:22 so we had tu tus. :) And thought about what we wanted to BECOME. :) Girls camp is a very spiritual thing, I was talking to Jared and he said scout camp has about 1 hour of spirituality a day. We were well over the three hour limit a day.Remember Nala our sweet tiny puppy. She is 15 weeks and no long tiny, sweet or innocent. She's pushing 3o pounds and I think she is going to be taller than meesia ever was. Jared gets up early and takes her on a walk every morning, I'm supposed to do one during the day and he does one again at night. She is nuts when she misses a walk. She's worming her way into our hearts though. Although there were a couple of weeks I was willing to give her away. A lot of work, a lot of work. But she is heeling really well, sits well and the biting is almost gone. almost.......This is the evidence of a big mud hole she dug in the grass.

Father's day: Lincoln was adorable on fathers day and took lots of pictures, and he wanted to do a surprise party for jared. So he went in the other room and put together a "party"made him a sign and had games and balloons and partied. :) It was cute

At church Lincoln's teacher sent home a lesson plan for Lincoln to do at FHE, he practiced and worked hard and loved being in charge of the lesson. We loved that it was on reverence (I don't think the teacher did that on accident).You can see just how reverent he is. I thought you would all enjoy how spiritual and awesome our fhe's are. :) I heard a talk once that said five minutes if perfectly fine for a young family. That is our goal, five minutes. :)

On June 18th Jared got braces. He's trying to have a good attitude and be happy but they suck. :) On the good side (if you are Jared, not if you are his wife) He's lost ten pounds since they have been put on. They are saying they'll be on about 2 years,
Plus other good news on Jared he did get the position at work he was hoping for. He gets to teach and train people all day long, he's in heaven. :) (bad timing for the braces though.)
Baby girl is non stop adorable, sometimes I just love to watch her. This age is so much fun because she's just thinking. Like earlier when I watched her try to figure out how to clean up her spilled milk. She got a towel, moved the milk around, licked the milk, pushed the milk just kept trying and trying. Her little brain was just working though. I love it.Oh and check out these ab's. She's got her brother's sweet stomach muscles, I think they get them from screaming and yelling so much. Plus she has become a very picky eater. She wakes up and says "Cooooookkkkkkiiiiiieeeeee" and then nothing satisfies her because she wants the "cooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!" Ya, it's pretty long days until mom just sits down with her and we eat cookies. :) I'm finding everyone of Jared's lost pounds.....sigh.....
The fourth of July was fun and relaxing this year. We headed to Kaysville for the parade, after that we headed to Logan for some yummy ribs with Jared's mother's side (sadly no pictures of the fun had by all) but know you would be very jealous of the ribs.
We didn't go to any fireworks this year. It was kinda nice to just do a few little ones and call it a night. Nate and Melanie were able to stop by and watch the small, and by small I mean tiny show of fireworks. again, no pictures of the fun had by all. :)

The party poopers. We didn't go fight for the free giveaways. :)
Part of the Blair Crew. So fun to play with everyone. Love the cousins.

Yes, mittens. He was freezing and found some in the car. :)
I love this video of lincoln at the parade because it shows his personality so much. shows him bossing people around, getting distracted by candy and trees. I love it. :)


Michelle said...

Holy long post :)
I loved all the pictures and I love that you are calling 2 pregnant women party poopers.

Not envious of Jared, I hope he gets past the wax phase. And congratulations on the promotion!! Yea!!!

Cindy said...

I read the whole thing! :) Cute kiddos! and glad you survived Girls Camp :) Thanks for playing with us the other day.

grandma blair said...

thanks for the update, it is fun to see what you have been up to. So glad you had fun at girls camp. I think your kids had fun while you were gone too.

Juannaelmi said...

Your family is so awesome and stinkin cute! Looks like a great summer.

Jared said...

Love all the pics and love you. That dog will be the death of me :)