Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drum-roll please......

Lincoln has been dying to lose a tooth. This one has been loose since May. One day He showed me his dangling tooth. I told him that I knew a trick for getting teeth out. We tied dental floss to it, tied the other end to the door and he had to slam it shut. He was so nervous. But when he finally did it he didn't even feel it come out. :) He was soooooooooo excited.The tooth fairy came that night, in the morning he came in to my bed sorta sad. I asked what was up. He said the tooth fairy had come. Showed me his awesome note and coin (his tooth fairy is pretty cool) I told him it was a cool dollar coin. He perked right up and said, "Oh, I thought she gave me a penny!"
This was on Aug. 10th
He's adorable. And I only have cell phone pictures because someone broke my camera. Someone who loves taking videos of himself all day. :(


red said...

Wow you have a pretty generous tooth fairy! he looks so so cute. We loved when he asked us if we even recognized him :)

Michelle said...

I loved the magic of the tooth fairy growing up. It's cute he didn't complain about getting a penny :)