Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is your house fun? Because ours is! :)

My house might not be clean, and it sure isn't as organized as I would like it. And I could tell you all the furniture and decorations that I absolutely hate (so many) BUT our house is fun!
Anyone else got a daddy who when he walks in from work and sees his son barreling his daughter across the floor in a laundry hamper runs upstairs to "change" into his racing gear and join the fun.
I love the play that is part of my home. I'm usually not as good at participating and need to do better. So Fun!

**Disclaimer, our home is not non-stop fun. there is yelling, fighting and crazy just like everyone elses home. :) We just have fun sometimes. ***


Cindy said...

That is so cute Ruby was being a good sport to be raced around the kitchen with the boys! I find it hard to keep my house decluttered as well, but I keep trying. I'd much rather have my four girls around than a pristine house though. Thanks for letting them come play tonight :)

Michelle said...

3 posts in one night pretty fancy pants of you.
I loved Ruby's face at the end such a sweet girl.
and why do you own a racing hat?

Jess and Chad said...

Anna Your place sounds like the place to be. Ruby's face was so adorable at the end...She looked like she was so scared and sick. I have had fun reading your posts on the kids.