Monday, November 1, 2010

Challenge for the Week:

I get in major cooking slumps, where I just despise dinner time and cooking all together. So I decided to add some spice to our life and make 5 meals this week, not usual on our rotation meals! :) I'm excited to try new recipes and actually cook. My plan is to be healthy and creative. (and to let you see how white trash of a cook I am you'll be impressed at what I deem as creative you would deem as very boring. :)

Day One:
Homemade pizzas
450 calories, give or take 50 depending on your topping.

1 large frozen roll dough
1 T pizza sauce from jar
toppings: Cheese, mushrooms, olives, Canadian bacon and pineapple.

Baby girl even made her own (ate a ton of cheese in the process).

This was fast and easy. I set the dough out to thaw and rise around 1ish.
They only take 10 min. to cook on 425! :)
The kids loved helping and having their own pizza. They even ate them all.
They were yummy and I think we'll add this to our food rotation!
As for the creative artichokes were on sale so I thought, why not? I looked up how to cook them and it said trim, put garlic and lemon and bay leaves in the water and steam 25-45 minutes. Until the leaves will tug off. 1 1/2 hours later it was ready! So after we ate the pizzas Jared took the kids for a walk and let me work on Preschool. :) Love him.
Way too much work for the little amount of food is actually in an Artichoke. But we learned and amazing thing. My kids LOVE them!!!!! I was bugged it took so long so I didn't take anymore pictures of the actual finished product and the consuming. But know it was yummy. But probably will not make the rotation. :)

Up for tomorrow, I haven't decided if it'll be chicken Marsala or shrimp & spinach linguine :)
Exciting stuff for our house.


Michelle said...

I was just about to do a post complaining about how I'm done making dinners, but this pizza is a good idea. I think we will have it this week, D would love to make her own. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tad and Liza said...

It must be after Halloween everyone is done with cooking for awhile. I almost went out to dinner tonight, then made myself fix dinner, but nothing creative.

Cindy said...

We do homemade pizza a lot! My kids eat it better than when we pick one up and I have a very easy dough recipe, that even Abby can do. I am excited for some more dinner inspiration from you this week :)

Mel said...

I just made pizza on Saturday:) Yum! I tried a barbeque pizza for the first time and now it is my new favorite. You should do a post on your Halloween. I want to see pictures of Ruby and Lincoln in their costumes:)

VJBlair said...

I am glad you are having fun in the kitchen. I will be curious about your chicken marsala. Graydon loves it, but from what I know you can't make it without buying the alcohol. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you make next.

VJBlair said...
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Le said...

I'm even lazier! We made our pizzas tonight on english muffins. I made a super easy chicken casserole last night and on tomorrow's menu... apple chicken. I should share but then I would have to blog and well...