Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 + Birthday Fun! :)

Shrimp, Spinach Linguine! :)

1. ingredients
2. heat up skillet with oil and garlic
3. take tails off shrimp
4. dump spinach in
5. dump shrimp in
6. add cooked noodles
7. eat with sweet potatoes and coldslaw
8. bribe parents to babysit birthday girl while you take son to awards night. :)

kids hate this dish; don't they look cute though. I don't love it. I would have added a more creamy sauce to it, but again, that's too many calories, and we're staying healthy. I did add Parmesan cheese on it. But it was lacking some flavors for me. I'll keep looking for a good recipe on this, because I really like shrimp and spinach together. I think I need a good white wine sauce. :)

Miss Ruby is as adorable as ever for her 2nd birthday. Lincoln was just as excited as she was. He woke her up early and wanted her to have her presents first thing. Jared took the day off and Ruby was significantly spoiled all day. By the end Lincoln was having a hard time with it. "why is everything about Ruby? why is she so special?"
My response was easy, it's her birthday, she gets whatever she wants alllllllll day. Get over it. :)
Loves her new laptop from mom and dad. (I made my first iron on shirt, she loves elmo)She was so adorable, when we sang to her she thought it was prayer time. :)
I don't know if she can really get any cuter!Lincoln gave her shoes, tiara, and wand. She is in heaven over all three. The princess's begin. :)Tonight Lincoln had a Reflections recognition awards thing. I will show you the movie he made soon. The rules were very strict, he had to do everything himself. I can see why other kids did not do the movies section. Yes Lincoln was the only student from his whole school that did the video category. Somehow he got first place. :) he was so proud. I love the next picture. He was so proud, and almost embarrassed, which isn't like him. You can see him trying not to smile. Love this little boy. :)
Oh, and what the hell is this? Oh I know, my COLLARBONE!!!!
It's been missing for 20 years, but all this calorie counting crap is paying off, maybe I'll find my ribs and hip bone next, I'm not holding my breathe. :)
What do you do when you find your collarbone? Oh me, I just gorge myself on yummy banana split! :) Oh well, I can Rollerblade tomorrow! :) Last day of cooking. I haven't decided for sure what I'm doing. Sleep well blog friends, I'm off to contemplate life's mystery's....or play bejeweled. whatever. :)


Cindy said...

Glad you rewarded yourself! And that's really cool Lincoln won for his movie! And of course Happy Birthday to cute little Ruby :)

Michelle said...

1. love the praying/singing picture
3. Ruby is adorable as a 2 year old.
2. Lincoln is adorable and so was his video :)
3. I miss my collarbones, I'm happy you found yours.

Tad and Liza said...

Happy Birthday Ruby! Can't wait for your kids to come play this weekend...

Mel said...

Hey, thanks for sending me pictures of cute Ruby.. and thanks to Jared too. I can't wait to come and see you all. What day would work best next week to come to Layton? Nate has next Friday off work if you guys wanted a date night then :) Let me know.

P.s. I saw your picture that you put on Facebook and I noticed your collerbones too!! Looks great Anna. I'm very excited to try some of your dinner recipes. Thanks for blogging them!!


red said...

that banana split looks really good. You're amazing.