Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sesame Street Live

For Ruby's birthday Jared had bought he and her tickets to Sesame Street Live. :) I'm always happy not to go to an event, as I do not enjoy crowds or events. :) (I'm awesome, I know).
We decided to make dates out of it, Jared took Ruby out to dinner and then to her show.
Then Lincoln and I went to dinner and a movie as well. It was so much fun I think we'll try to make it a regular event. Each kid got lots of attention and it was so fun for me to listen to Lincoln at the restaurant talk to me over and over and over about different sports teams and players and jerseys. He knows lots more than I realized, and I also realized that there is nothing I can do boys like to watch, think and talk about sports. :)
Jared said Ruby loved her mac and cheese at Ruby Tuesday's and that she danced and sang with all the characters. He said it was also fun to have the one on one relationship. Funny note: I had done her hair so cute, lots of elastics, lots of hairspray. Jared said when they pulled into the restaurant he went to get her out and she had taken her hair all out. It was crazy sticking everywhere. He found a hat in the car and called it good. Then at the show he tried to put a couple ponytails in. :)
Lincoln and I watched Tangled, poor boy is still working on his phobia of previews and movie theaters. He watched the "very scary princess show" on my lap with his hands over his ears and trying to see it through squinted eyes. Oh well......if you ask he'll tell you it was awesome and he can't wait to see it again. :)

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Michelle said...

Love the make shift hair do Jared did. Sesame street live comes here in February. Maybe I'll send Collin and D out for a little date.