Monday, January 3, 2011

My Baby Girl

Miss Ruby was messing around with Q-tips on Saturday, She had one in each ear and was so proud. I smiled and told Jared to look at how cute our baby girl was. We both smiled. She ran up to me full bore and slammed into my leg. Thus impaling the Q-tip in her ear. I pulled it out (there was blood) and told Jared it went in too far and to call Wee Care and see what we needed to do. Ruby was screaming like I had never heard. I heard the lectures of never letting your children play with Q-tips running through my head instantly. INSTANTLY!
While Jared was on the phone I tried to calm Miss Ruby. 40 minutes of screaming later she'd cried herself to sleep. We had an appointment to have it checked out. I tried to google everything I could, but everything was very vague.
We got her in, received a nice lecture on how stupid we were and were told she'd popped her ear drum and get her into an ent to see if her hearing is damaged.
So sad, lots of blood draining from her ear.
I get her into a very OLD man ENT today (graduated Med School in 1965!) I wanted to take a picture of his awesome reflective head thing that Dr.'s used to use, but he had such a poor idea of my parenting abilities I didn't dare. I received and even longer meaner lecture on Q-tips from the ENT. Did you know they aren't even supposed to be used for the ears EVER. You probably did, you're probably a better parent than I am. The amount of blood in her ear canal is too backed up and the bruising and swelling is too sever to see how bad her ear drum is. So he gave me drops, drugs and another lecture and we have to come back in a week to see if they can get a better peek. IF it's burst she has a 50% chance of having hearing loss (He told me he thinks it is
burst) and IF it's burst she has a 50% of it not repairing on it's own and needing surgery. IF it is still not cleared out enough to get a good look by Monday we'll have to put her to sleep and get it cleaned out that way. Poor Baby girl......poor bad mom.
I'm ok, I just feel horrible. She cries that her ear hurts, and wakes up with a lot of discharge after naps and in the morning.
After the horrible appointment today, we had to hold her down to check it out. She got to pick ice cream or donuts. She was adorable weighing her options, going back or forth. She finally went for the donut. Good choice baby girl.
Little stinker during
This is how I just found her. I don't know if she fell out or if she just never laid in bed and played until she fell asleep. Either way she's pretty cute. :)


Michelle said...

D loved the movie :)
I'm so sorry about your baby's ear :( So very sorry. Keep us updated.

Cindy said...

So sorry this happened to little Ruby. Give her hugs from us and we'll hope and pray for the best for her :)

Crystal said...

Oh man I hate it when something like this happens. Everyone uses q-tips so don't feel to bad. Kids are too quick and things can happen faster than you can realize they are happening. Sorry and good luck.

grandma blair said...

I am so sorry for you Anna, you are an amazing mother with outstanding parenting skills. One little mistake, so sorry

Juannaelmi said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Anna. I agree with Crystal. Everyone has them and there is no way you could have predicted this would happen. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Tad and Liza said...

Oh poor Ruby. That is so sad. We got the same lectures when a toothpick went through Kamden's foot.

red said...

So sorry. I let my kids run around with Q-tips in their ears all the time. Don't feel bad, I always try to be a good Mom like you :) Seriously.