Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Baseball Game

Had a super crappy season. Our coach really didn't want to be the coach, he only had one practice and because of the rain we had a lot of canceled games. And our coach was so on the ball we didn't even get the professional pictures you get. :(
We'll see if we are brave enough to try again.
BUT, isn't he adorable? He loved to play catcher (I think because he didn't have to run, but was given lots of attention).


Michelle said...

Such a crappy coach!!

Kristine said...

Cute...he looks like Jared a lot in that bottom right one with the hat and all. At least you are good at taking pics poor kids and dumb coach.

Jess said...

I would keep trying for next year and if the same coach is there next as well complain about it to the city league. Its not fair to the children and not fair to the parents who pay for it.
Better luck next year.
He does look super cute though with that mitt.