Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Zoo.....

Aunt Janay invited us to go to the Zoo. (I'm not a fan, walking, people, heat what not...I mustered up the courage though) The kids loved it of course. It was Ruby's first time since she was a baby. I love watching her discover things and think them through. The kids did great.The bird show impressed me. I like birds though. :)
After a long day at the zoo who can make dinner? Not me. :)
Lincoln took this picture of himself at the restaurant. He's so handsome. :)

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red said...

Hey I wish I had thought of taking my kids to a restaurant :) that looks like the kind that has yummy chinese food too :) Thanks for going with us, maybe we can make it once more with just the little ones :) Also I'm sorry you had to take five kids to the bathroom. I was pretty tired and not thinking clearly.