Monday, October 10, 2011

So Random

Jared had a birthday. :) He received his once a year cherry chocolate black forest cake.
 I am still dying. (As you can tell by my beauty in this photo). This pic is 2 weeks old. I need to take another one. Maybe when I feel like it. :) I've run into a small hic-cup with the pregnancy. I've had some complications and am on "couch rest" for a week. I need to let my body heal. I can't do much and can't pick anything up over 20 pounds. (Yes Miss Ruby is a healthy 32 pounds) I have neighbors and family helping out, so that is awesome. I even had to cancel preschool, which makes me very sad. But if I can make it one good week than I can be all the stronger to make it the rest of the way.
As a sick and tired pregnant person my patience is pretty thin. And I have absolutely none left for my dog. Who has decided the trampoline is the coolest thing in the world. Good for her, because I'm not letting her annoying little self in my house. ;) 

Ruby and Lincoln are getting more creative while their mother lays around and does nothing.  
They are playing together better and Lincoln even gets Ruby food without being told. Poor thing is growing
up way too fast. :) 

As for Jared, he's amazing as usual. But he really has kicked it in high gear for this pregnancy. It's almost embarrassing for him and me to tell you how he is cleaning, parenting and cooking. And he's still being nice to me. I don't think I could take care of someone that long and that much and still be nice. He is amazing and I am so grateful and happy I have him. :)


Le said...

I was on "couch rest" with Megan forever! It is so annoying. Lindy watched a ton of movies with me, especially Enchanted. My mom came and did laundry one day a week (back when I could leave it to one day a week.) I wish I was closer to come help :). Good luck.

Mel said...

I'm so glad that you are getting spoiled. I am sorry to hear about the couch rest because that sounds worse than being sick with pregnancy and you have both :( I hope I can come and see you soon because it has been way to long! I hope things get better for you and I miss you!

Michelle said...

"...Ruby's other gun.."
"...some gloves, underpants.."

And sorry you are sick couch rest sucks!! But soon it will just be a horrible memory ;)
I think you look hot and your dog looks like it could use a hug :)

Eve said...

Ha. Why did Lincoln need extra undies on the tramp? Has he had a baby or something?

I'm also sad you are sick and on couch rest. Were your other pregnancies like this? I hate feeling sick like that (yours is worse than I had, longer for sure) for such a long time. I hope you turn a corner soon. Like tomorrow morning. :)

Kirst said...

I'm so sorry you are sick!!! Good thing you have a good man to take care of you. Hang in there, it's all worth it, right?!? :)

PS You look adorable.

Kristine said...

Good thing Lincoln was so prepared packing all those guns and for Ruby too!! I had no idea you were on bed rest Anna that is not fun at all :(
I cannot wait to see you all I sure do miss you and wish I could be more help from here. Wish you could just ship the kids here for a spell. Guess they do have school though haha. So glad you married my brother and are making him so happy as well. Your examples inspire me. I am planning on moving back to Utah here in Jan. so hopefully we can see more of each other. Hope you continue to do better rather than not bring my new niece/nephew into the world. Love ya!