Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lincoln's Halloween Program

I know bragging is bad, but my little man was the kid picked to introduce his Halloween program (and the only one with his own speaking part). :) He had to memorize 8 long spanish lines. (as did his mother). And He did it. Good Job Lincoln!!!!! He's amazing with his spanish, they love his accent. He is always so annoyed with me when I try to help with homework because if I say it "NOT EVEN CLOSE MOM!" :)
He was the first part and I missed a little bit, and you have to turn it up. He was so nervous though, he finally loosened up for the very last line. :) My favorite word I learned: murciĆ©lago = bat  :)

And of course it was red ribbon week and HAT day. So all the kids have awesome hair, but at least the teachers wouldn't let them wear their hats for the program. :) 

It was adorable though, he has amazing teachers. Only sad part is Jared got stuck at work and missed his part by two minutes. :(

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Michelle said...

Grando!!! Such a cute smarty pants