Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ruby's 3

(Sorry I am late)
Ruby Ann is 3. Ruby Ann is crazy, & Ruby Ann makes her mother crazy!

She is the busiest, wiggliest, climbingyist little 3 year old I have met (and I have met a lot, I teach them!). Ruby usually has a fat lip of some kind because she is always climbing and jumping off of things. Just the other day she slipped and landed flat on her face. The blood doesn't even faze us anymore. It usually happens seconds after we ask her to, "get down so you don't get hurt".

Ruby's favorite color is blue, but on her birthday she decided she would change it to red. :) She forgets and asks for blue things though, then laughs and says, "oh wait, I need the red one, I forgot my favorite color is red now because I am three". :) Ruby is not the best eater but she loves love, loves her breakfast. She usually wakes me up at 6:30 most mornings with, "Mom, I need breakfast!" She'll repeat this over and over and over until I talk her into snuggling for a few minutes (but it usually doesn't work).  Ruby can eat a bowl of cereal, a bowl of oatmeal, toast and a yogurt for breakfast (and anything Lincoln leaves over).  But as for lunch, it is peanut-butter and honey or ... peanut-butter and honey.  Dinner? Maybe one bite if we bribe her, but she usually makes up for it with her breakfast. :)

Ruby and Lincoln play really well together, she is excited when he leaves and excited when he gets home. They of course fight some, but mostly they play and work really well together.

Ruby is excited for baby "Alice" to come. She kisses my belly and when/if she wants to share a treat she'll give me a big bite and then a tiny bite for baby Alice. It's pretty dang cute.

Ruby is very much into dressing herself and picking out her own clothes. Sometimes I can persuade her into switching but most the time, "no thank you". Lucky for me she likes things to match and does pretty good that way.

We got her ears pierced for her birthday, she did really well. She was really excited and didn't cry very long at all. The cleaning them 3 times a day is not her favorite thing, but she will twist them anytime we ask her to so that is a plus. I absolutely LOVE them, I love them with her short hair. So cute!

Ruby loves her nursery teacher and gives them kisses and hugs. The teacher pulled me aside one day and asked if it's ok if she kisses Ruby on the lips. She was concerned and said she always tries to get Ruby to kiss her on the cheek but Ruby's not having it and will grab her face and plant them on her lips or say, "No the Lips, Lips!!"  I told her it was ok. :)

Ruby is pretty dang smart, too smart if you ask me. She knows all her letters and sounds, colors and shapes. She's pretty good with her numbers and she is WAY too observant when it comes to adult conversations. She catches things Lincoln never does. (not that Lincoln is known for his observance)

Ruby is also very stubborn, she is in a wonderful whine, cry, fall on the ground and have a screaming fit stage. :) We had to take her out of sacrament 4 times today (twice during the stake pres. talk, awesome!). I know it's the age and it's okay, and it's nice that we've been through it once already. Her little life is much easier than her brother's was at this age (although her brother didn't have to share anything with anyone).  It will be very interesting to see how she adjusts to having a baby sister.

As for her stats, we took her in and she isn't as tall on the charts anymore (75th  percentile) and her weight was a nice healthy 65th percentile (32 pounds). The doctor said her tonsils are really big for a healthy girl and one more strep episode and they are coming out.

Ruby is just like her daddy, bosses everyone around and wants to be in charge. At preschool I'll catch her telling the kids what to do and where to go. She wants to tell me what to wear and how to do my hair. She wants to tell you the story to tell her, how to tell it, and who is in it and so on. Super hard for someone like me who is so passive and easy going. ;)

 I love my Ruby Ann. I love, love, love her. I love how when she's teasing she calls me "momma girl" or how she'll smack my bum (anywhere, anytime) and yell, "Tag you're it!". I love how she is "too busy" for anything. Jared and I have decided she means "too lazy". I love how she loves to draw, how she loves to make her own decisions (drinks with no ice, only forks with mac and cheese, and only spoons with ramen noodle soup). How she wakes up every morning with her pants off, even though she goes to sleep with them on. I love how if I make it a competition she'll do it, although reverse psychology doesn't work like it did with Lincoln. I love this little soul I get to raise. I know she is going to be an amazing woman and I just get to guide her on her way (not that she listens to me much anyway). I love her and am so grateful we have her.


Michelle said...

Oh Ruby Ann you are adorable!!

Eve said...

No, the lips, the lips! I am dying. Love her and her fun mommy. Your lucky kids!