Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, I hate to make you all jealous, but I just can't believe how lucky I am. :)
Jared and I hit our 9 year mark today. In celebration we went shopping, (didn't find anything) went to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) stayed at a Hotel last night. We slept in, hung out in our jammies and didn't do much of anything. Then today we went to an excellent Mexican restaurant for lunch and then I got an HOUR massage. HEAVEN. The guy had one of the special pregnancy  belly support things so I got to lay on my stomach. (it's been at least two months since I've been able to do that!!!) He was feeling sorry for me and all my knots all over me, but I just loved every second of that hour.  Jared's sister and husband made it all possible. They came to our house, played with our kids and even put up with a sad baby girl who missed her parents. :) (We may or may not have missed them) And just to let you know the kind of man I married, I didn't sleep well in the hotel last night.  (I forgot my sleeping pills) He took the kids swimming tonight while I was ordered to take a nap.....I love that man!!
We like to celebrate. If its your birthday you get a party, food and presents. If its an anniversary you at least get food. We try and go out of town at least every other year. Its so rejuvenating. I love my husband more, I love my children more and I even love myself more.  I know weird. :) It's hard to have an anniversary over christmas, but it is also good because it's easier to find help. We used coupons for everything, and gift cards. I'm very grateful that I have a husband that when I tell him I don't want to do anything, he just takes care of it. I really am amazed at how amazing he is. So grateful.

As for christmas....we'll see if I get around to posting it....and I know I'm behind on my monthly belly shot...Just imagine last months belly DOUBLED! :)


Eve said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a great way to celebrate!

Cindy said...

Hope you had a great Anniversary!